Tonights Watchdog - sombrueil
Anybody watch this evening, lots of complaints about Carcraft and some dodgy dealings, heck wont take my business there, one lady bought a car went out the gates of Carcraft and it broke down, she went back and they told her its was now not their responsibility, weird or what, a lot of complaints.
Tonights Watchdog - BMDUBYA
For more info if you did not see the programme
Tonights Watchdog - Gen
Got to wonder what kind of person pays for a testdrive on the understanding they'll get their money back if they don't want to then buy it...
Tonights Watchdog - Mark (RLBS)

Ok, I guess that will do it. There is a pointer to the Watchdog article if anybody wants to read it. I don't think we can [safely] add anything to that here.


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