Jaguar Respray - Daniel
I have a Jaguar XJS 1994. It is in need of a respray. Not for any particular damage, more just a little tatty and needs tidying up.

Am I better to get an "official" Jaguar respray, or will it be ok to take it to any good quality paint shop. Is there more advantage to one rather than the other ?
Jaguar Respray £££ - David Lacey
Ask around for a recomendation, this is the best form of advertising- the Jag spray shop will be no better than a decent body specialist, just perhaps more expensive....
There must be bodyshops that are recomended on the Jaguar Owners Club Website (Check the address in the directories section, Car Clubs)

Best of luck

Re: Jaguar Respray £££ - Mark (Brazil)
In which case, I wonder if anybody has any recommendations or references for the Newbury, Basingstoke, Reading area.


p.s. Daniel is my Father. See, I'm bringing new readers !
Re: Jaguar Respray £££ - honestjohn
As usual, David is 100% correct. Thanks, David.

Re: Jaguar Respray £££ - crazed idiot
custom cars in coventry were very good when i lived there a few years ago, and lots of the main dealers subbed their work to them anyway...

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