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I have searched the Net for rules and regs and can't find a clear answer. Please can anyone explain where the VED disc is meant to be displayed, on a car, and where I can find a reference to the law? I thought bottom left hand corner of near-side windscreen on a RHD drive can but I can't prove it!
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It's a long hot day and i've nothing better to do ...

Vehicle Excise & Registration Act 1994 says

(b) there is not fixed to and exhibited on the vehicle in the manner prescribed by regulations made by the Secretary of State a licence for, or in respect of, the vehicle which is for the time being in force.

but doesn't tell you what 'the manner prescribed' is or where to find it

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VED Disc - borasport20
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the Vehicle licencing section of the DVLA website says :

1. What is a vehicle licence?
A vehicle licence (tax disc) shows that you have paid the necessary vehicle excise duty [VED] for your vehicle. It shows the registration mark (number) and the date up to which you have paid VED. You must display this disc on the left-hand side of the vehicle's windscreen. If the vehicle does not have a windscreen fitted, you will need to display the disc on the nearside of the vehicle (the passenger side

happy now ?

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
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So if you really want to you can display it at the top of the left hand side.

There is another rule that says if you do so you must wear a baseball cap.
VED Disc - Armitage Shanks{P}
Thank you very much! I have won a beer or three off a work colleague!
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I've seen a few in the dead centre, under the rear view mirror. Would they be OK if they were 1mm closer to the NS than the OS? ;-)
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Thats where I place mine, but to the nearside of the mirror, below the tint band, so it is not obscured.
Best place, I feel.
VED Disc - Dave_TD
Best place, I feel.

Er, why? Not wishing to be rude or anything, but I always place mine in the bottom ns corner, never had any problem with it being there.
VED Disc - Vansboy
Me being 'tidy', I suppose, not keen on seeing anything that doesn't need to be in view!
Feng Shui being applied to me once too often, maybe!!
VED Disc - Dave_TD
LOL! I though the main purpose of locating it in the ns corner was for passing traffic wardens to be able to check it easily, or trafpol if they stop you.
Does your van have windchimes, or the driver's seat pointing at the back doors then...? ;-)
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Regulation 6, Road Vehicles (Regsitration and Licensing) Regulations 2002. :-

(3) Each such licence shall be fixed to the vehicle in a holder sufficient to protect the licence from the weather to which it would otherwise be exposed.

(4) The licence shall be exhibited on the vehicle -

(a) in the case of an invalid vehicle, tricycle or bicycle, other than in a case specified in sub-paragraph (b) or (c) of this paragraph, on the near side of the vehicle;

(b) in the case of a bicycle drawing a side-car or to which a side-car is attached, on the near side of the handlebars of the bicycle or on the near side of the side-car;

(c) in the case of any vehicle fitted with a glass windscreen in front of the driver extending across the vehicle to its near side, on or adjacent to the near side of the windscreen;

(d) in the case of any other vehicle -

(i) if the vehicle is fitted with a driver's cab containing a near side window, on that window; or

(ii) on the near side of the vehicle in front of the driver's seat and not less than 760 mm and not more than 1.8 metres above the surface of the road.

(5) In each case referred to in paragraph (4), the licence shall be so exhibited that all the particulars on the licence are clearly visible in daylight from the near side of the road.

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if you prefer an easy life you might want to put it in the bottom near-side.

About 18 months ago I got pulled over and given a 'warning' by traffic because I had the VED in the top near-side.

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