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Yugo Sana - Arthur

My son has just bought himself a car ( for a very modest sum ) which resembles a Fiat Tipo but is called a Yugo Sana, I vaguely remember reading about these in CAR magazine ages ago but didn't think they'd actually been any sold here. As far as I can recall Yugo used to sell a car based on the Fiat 128 and a small car based on the fiat 127, but I have no Idea how we are going to get any spares for this car as I can't imagine that there are many around. Is it the same as a Fiat Tipo? or should we forget it and scrap it ?

its in good nick with a few months MOT left, maybe it's a classic ? ? ?

Yugo Sana - David Lacey
Yes these were plentiful a few years back but they are seriously bad news today - you will not be able to source any parts for them! I recall from a few years ago a customer with a Yugo 45? that needed a wiper motor. No chance at all in locating a replacement, not even a used example. The tidy 1988 machine was then scrapped. Hmmm come to think of it, both myself and Guy learnt to drive in Yugo cars......remember, Guy?
Our little Yugo secret - Guy Lacey
Dave - there are some things best left secret.
Re: Yugo Sana - Alex. L. Dick
May I presume to suggest that on occasion perhaps Yugo just copied, not amended, Fiat parts? Which might serve?

Best wishes, I hate to see any car put down, if I had the money they;'d all have a home!

By the way, to get a bearing on this site (if that is the right word) any Lagonda Club members out there - or Toyota Enthusiasts' Club - or whatever?

73 de Sandy
Re: Our little Yugo secret - honestjohn
You might, just, find somethig in exchange&mart.

Re: Yugo Sana - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

As David rightly says, you are going to have big trouble sourcing parts, but you could try "".

Good Luck, Adam
Re: Yugo Sana - Nick Ireland
Yes, NATO bombed the factory. It wasn't building tanks (I don't think) but putting 2000 people out of work must have been good for something even if we can't find out just what!

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