Loony road planning - THe Growler
You are not alone. Here's a sample of output from our finest traffic brains:

Loony road planning - Phil I
What is a "Barangay Watchman" G. Sounds interesting.
Loony road planning - terryb

What a brilliant idea. It would double the width of the M25 at a stroke!

To improve on it, if that were possible, it could run clockwise on even dates and counter-clockwise on odd dates! Quick - someone send it to Mr Darling :o)

Loony road planning - THe Growler
Don't jest Terry B. We already have districts where you can only drive between certain hours based on your number plate... a sure fire money-making scheme for traffic enforcers.

A "barangay" is like a parish. It has an elected Captain in charge and a committee and employs its own low-level (in every way) quasi police force to keep the peace. A watchman could be anyone given a vest with a fancy badge on with vague powers .. Sometimes a gun as well. The more senior ones even get bullets to put in them, which they usually fire off when drunk in some karaoke bar.

Has its roots in the days of tribes. Philippine culture still very tribal-oriented.

I can't resist one another, which I know is not UK-specific but it comes from The Growlette Files. Metro Manila has a vast problem with thousands of ancient smoke-belching buses which race each other for passengers, stop anywhere they think they will to unload or load (I mean fast lane etc), many of which are unlicensed and unroadworthy and have absolutely no regard for other road-users.

Recent purge against this hailed in media. Roadside emission tests, roadworthiness checks etc. Result, authorities impounded or issued ban notices to some 2,000 buses in the course of a week.

Now big problem. Thousands of commuters are complaining there aren't enough buses and they have to wait for a ride (and this isn't even the rainy season yet)and are late for work. Trade unions up in arms, demos outside Mayor's office, all that.

Not only that, many of the illegal bus lines are owned by senior police officers, govt officials etc, so they're getting out of shape about their loss of undeclared income and so on and so on.

Coming up to elections, so Mayor thinking if I don't fix this all these guys won't vote for me again....worse I might end up in concrete boots in the Pasig River.....

Solution: let the illegals back after "inspections" and "approvals" and "fees" to save face and create the illusion of progress.

Mess with the status quo in the Philippines at your peril...

This country is a hoot.


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