Market Research - Nsar
Stopped in the street today by a researcher, normally I walk on but today, no. Turned out they were researching \"cars for professionals with families\".
First question was \"can I recall seeing a large family car advertised recently\". Well I couldn\'t, the only one that came to mind was the XTrail, an ad which stands out for me as I have to switch channel immediately, so much do I hate the music and the way it mixes sound levels to keep grabbing your attention (product proposition deficit maybe?)
The oddest thing was the collection of cars I was asked about
and, wait for it, wait for it...Mini!?
How many Minis are sold to people also looking at an Avensis. Oh. hold on, I recently thought seriously about a Cooper and actually bought a 7 yr old A6 estate. Is it me or the marketing departments which are mixed up?
Market Research - Dave_TD
I'm not sure, but when SWMBO has done with her T-reg Mondeo (which will be in just under 3 years) she wants a Mini Cooper...
Market Research - DavidHM
My friends' father traded in his 3 year old 520i Touring for a MINI Cooper as well, basically doing a straight swap with the dealer.

And a classic Mini loving friend is seriously interested in one of the new ones as well, although he risks excommunication from the Mini fanatic religion if he does buy one.

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