mondeo radweld how? - misterp
as there is no obvious access to the top of the radiator in my 1994 mondeo without sgnificant dismantling am I corrrect in thinking i can pour radweld directly into the expansion tank? if i do , do I then just run the engine for a few minutes?

mondeo radweld how? - Dynamic Dave
Yes. But if you follow the instructions on the bottle of Radweld, you should also warm up the coolant before adding the Radweld. Go for a short drive. Slowly remove the expansion cap so as not to scold yourself with hot water, and then pour in the jollop. Refit the cap and then go for another drive. IIRC, a minimum of 6 miles?
mondeo radweld how? - misterp
cheers dave
mondeo radweld how? - Andy22
short term fix though, maybe if your selling it or something!
mondeo radweld how? - Dynamic Dave
short term fix though....

Depends what your definition of a short term fix is?

Astra's radiator and it was still leak tight when I sold it 3 yrs after adding Radweld - even after another coolant change and no more radweld added. Next owner never mentioned the rad ever springing a leak.
Radweld also fixed a leaking coreplug on my mk2 Cavalier and still no leaks 2 yrs later - again coolant changed with no further Radweld added.


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