Radweld diagnostic test ? - misterp
My 9 year old 2.0 mondeo is losing coolant gradually for some time now. I usually add a top up mix of 0.5l every few weeks. seems to lose after long crawling journeys. Garage replaced a rusting pipe under the radiator a few weeks ago but problem remains. Has original radiator, so should I chuck in a can of radweld and monitor or risk further expensive investigations ?
Radweld diagnostic test ? - Dynamic Dave
I've only once ever had Radweld not work when I've used it. That was because the head gasket had gone and not what I first thought was leaking.
All the other times I've used it I've never had a problem. It sealed the leak in my mk1 Astra's radiator and it was still leak tight when I sold it 3 yrs later. It sealed a leaking coreplug on my mk2 Cavalier and still no leaks 2 yrs later when I sold it.

My philosophy of Radweld is "if I can fix a leak with it for around £5, why spend £100?"

Of course a lot of it is down to what part of the cooling system is actually leaking. If it's a split rubber hose, or a paper thin rusting radiator, then forget about using Radweld and replace the parts.

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