Freeview signal problem - gramar

I receive my Freeview signal via an external TV aerial tuned to the Talconeston transmitter. The aerial is connected via a coaxial cable to a Panasonic DVD recorder linked to a Samsung flat screen TV both bought new 9 years ago.

I am having problems with the Freeview signal which is affecting recording of TV programmes (all channels are affected) to the hard drive on the DVD recorder. It records OK from around 9AM to 10PM on any channel 7 days a week. However, if I try to record earlier or later invariably no picture or sound is recorded and when I play back the blank screen just states there is ‘NO SIGNAL’

This very frustrating as sometimes we can view only part of a programme before the screen goes blank due no signal.

I’ve spoken to an independent TV engineer (a dying breed?) who advises the DVD recorder is not receiving a signal back from the transmitter and says it is a fault with the DVD recorder that is uneconomical to repair. As every other feature and function on the DVD recorder works perfectly I’m reluctant to replace it just yet.

A second opinion is welcomed. Does anyone reading this know what is causing the problem and a possible fix?

Freeview signal problem - Vitesse6

I have had trouble with freeview for years. The signal on BBC channels often degrades whilst the other channels are fine. Digital TV channels are broadcast in groups and it is always all the channels in the same group which degrade. The problem will happen now and again so I can't see it being a fault with my equipment.

According to the website for the transmitter there is no problem there, but I wonder if they periodically broadcast some channels on a lower power.

Seems an odd fault that your DVD recorder works fine until 10pm and then stops working. Looks more like a weak signal to me.

Freeview signal problem - Engineer Andy

I was looking on the 'Freeview' website yesterday because I'd heard on the grapevine that a 'retune' would be required v.soon (actually this afternoon/evening) and I also saw that a while back there was problems with the signal from several BBC channels, so this backs up your comments. They didn't say what the cause was though, but it was long ago enough that it should've been fixed by now.

A few things to note about freeview digital signals compared to the old defunct analogue ones:

Digital freeview channels are transmitted on far lower power than the analogue ones were (often 10x less), and as they are also using compressed data, they are vulnerable to changeable weather (especially high pressure or windy weather), and the signal can suddenly drop off the proverbial cliff from looking great to pixelated rubbish or nothin at all.

I find in periods of that sort of weather, you have to carefully choose which channels you leave the PVR on whilst it records another - mine seems to work better if you leave it on the same channel as you're recording, second best is one from the same group (mux), and lastly from a different group. Same goes when recording two channels at once - many PVRs will allow the viewer to watch a third live if two of those channels are in the same group (it doesn't matter which), but there's a greater chance in the singal dropping out/pixelating in those weather conditions.

You may also find that at certain times of the day, may due to atmospherics, wind direction or something else (who knows what?) the signal drops off enough for the cliff edge quality problem to happen. It could very well be that the OP's signal stength is poor anyway, but for the reasons I stated above they don't notice it, as signal 'quality' is not the same as signal strength, and often are unrelated. They may even find that due to a nearby growing tall tree, the signal is affected at certain times of the day (this happened at my parents' home and eventually the owners of the trees pruned them, resulting in a better signal!

I'm also wondering whether the retune last month so that we could view all the extra BBC 'red button' channels (Wimbledon tennis coverage) may have contributed to the problem. The signal to my PVR (I don't have a freeview TV, so I can't compare - it acts as a monitor only) has been naff of late, so I'll see what happens after today's retune when (presumably) most of the extra red button channels disappear again.

Freeview signal problem - bolt

As a matter of interest how old is the aerial/cable, and is the cable good, it has been known for the centre cable to corrode and cause a poor contact, which is good to ok during the day but cooler weather causes the poor connection ?

just a possible thought...

Freeview signal problem - Bromptonaut

Some of the new 4G phone services use TV spectrum freed up by move to digital. Interference with digital TV is a known problem due to technical issues but can be solved with filters etc that 'notch out' the unwanted signal.

More here:

Freeview signal problem - concrete

Unless you have had some real extremes of bad weather it is unlikely to be the aerial or the co-ax cable, if these were damaged or degraded the signal would be poor all the time. Check your neighbours tv signal. If they receive Freeview without problems then it is down to your equipment. We regularly retune our TV to all digital chanels via autotune, especially if we have been away for 6 or 8 weeks and it has been switched off. We have no problems with signal. Incidentally we have a BT box but rarely use it except to record the odd special programme or watch the sport. We tend to see everything we missed on catch up TV. Can't remember the last time we watched a DVD.

Cheers Concrete

Freeview signal problem - bolt

Have you checked on the internet to see if that is a regular problem with that model,usually there is someone else that has problems, but do know I gave up my panasonic dvd recorder of 3yrs old because of tv recording problems and wont be getting another one

they used to be good but I think they have gone downhill over the years, Cameras are good though.

I stand by my comment of aerial cable though as it does happen on occasions connections are never checked !


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