carbon removal - ka razy
I'm the owner of a '97 ka which is pinking slightly.Local garage states it could be due to a build up of carbon.As they couldn't be sure about this without taking the head off, they suggested I try something like Redex poured into each cylinder.Is it worth giving this a try,and whats the best product to use and how.
ps. diagnostic check showed no problems.
carbon removal - Richard Turpin
Yes. Try some spray de coker. Holts do one, so do others. It worked for me. Follow instructions on can. Then drive at 95 on the motorway for a bit. If it does not work, retard the ignition a little. That will work.
carbon removal - Peter D
Use some injection cleaner in 10 lts of Shell Optimax fuel and run on a quite motorway at 70 mph. What fuel have you been using ??? Regards Peter
carbon removal - ka razy
Not sure where to get the holts stuff Cyd.I've just being using normal unleaded until recently Peter,then tried Optimax,which I must admit helps,but still does not eliminate the pinking completely.
carbon removal - Cyd
where can you get this from? I remember it from years ago, but my local factor couldn't get any at his warehouse.

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