Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Yoby
Does anyone else get irritated by people who chuck their cigarettes out of the window / sunroof when you are travelling behind them. I had this on the M3/M27 sliproad yesterday. I know it might seem silly, but I always wonder (and am alarmed by) the thought of what could happen if it gets lodged somewhere in or under the car close to a fuel line. Especially at night you can see the amount of sparks etc. that come off - makes you think!

Cigarettes chucked out of cars - mal
Makes you think of the danger to motorcyclists!
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Rob the Bus
This (and other rubbish being chucked out) really gets me mad. I'll bet you can all sense another bus related tale coming...Well, you're right!!

I was once in heavy traffic on a commuter run into Preston. The guy in front had thrown at least one fag packet and four toffee wrappers out of the window in the space of a quarter of a mile. He then threw his fag end out. A very smartly dressed woman got up and came to the front. She very politely asked me to open the doors, which I did. She stalked up to where this chap had thrown his fag end, picked it up, said "I believe that this belongs to you" and threw it back through the window into his lap. She then got back onto the bus to a round of applause! Apparently, the look on this guy's face was a picture!
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - HF
If we all acted like that lady then maybe people would be discouraged from such anti-social behaviour. Sadly most of us are just so used to it or scared of the consequences that we do nothing.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Yoby
You are right about motorcyclists mal - I wouldn't risk the two wheel option - too many skip lorries with uncovered loads, dropping all sorts of rubbish. Damaged the side of the car (not to mention the tyre!) about a year ago by running over a lump of wood in the middle of the dual carriageway.

Your bus story, RTB, sounds like that scene on One Foot in the Grave when Victor Meldrew empties a rubbish bin in a Triumph TR8 convertible having seen the owner chuck rubbish out of it! Isn't it odd how we all tend to empathise with VM! (another thread, I know!)

Cigarettes chucked out of cars - puntoo
Surely you cant smole while driving a motorcycle.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - puntoo
or even smoke
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Dynamic Dave
or even smoke

Or even ride, as opposed to driving a motorcycle!!
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Ian (Cape Town)
In this neck of the woods, there is a fair chance of setting half the big flat mountain ablaze.
However, despite months of tinderbox conditions, people still do it ...
I must admit, I flick the ash out, but the butt goes in the ashtray.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Altea Ego
Way off topic, but burning flat top mountain gave me the cue in...........

Daddy was a train driver. Steam trains. Used to live on edge of country town, large field at back of our garden, with railway line beyond. Daddy comes by with his steam train, hangs on whistle, loving son gambols around field waving to his daddy.

Meanwhile, sparks from firebox set fire to tinder dry field. Fire brigade turn up, old bill turn up. Young son gleefully jumps around and tells nice man in blue "MY dad did that - My Dad did that......" "Oh yes son, and where does daddy live then"

Motoring link
Daddy had a Ford Consol at the the time with a bag of cured cement in the boot to "keep the *rse end tied down" (his words)
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Altea Ego
No harm to following cars, but yes Bikies are in danger here. Thats whay its important to wear correct clothing with sleeves buckled, visor down, neck zipped up. Last thing you want is hot fag end traveling around inside your clothes.

BTW where are all the rants from the reformed smokers? Disgusting habit!!! I used to smoke but gave it up - they have no will power!!!! etc etc.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Morris Ox
I can never quite understand why driving round with something on fire in your hand isn't an offence.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Peter D
My daughter had a cigarette jammed in the plastic part of her radiator grill and melted a hole though it. Yes it is very annoying, illegal and I was so infumed at a set of lights that I jump out, picked up the cigerette and threw it back in the guys car saying \" you\'ve dropped this \" and off I went whilst he desperately search his car for the burning butt. Peter
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - RichardW
This is a big problem - I read a report (DT Motoring probably!) about how a significant proportion of underbonnet fires are caused by lit fag ends thrown from cars getting sucked into the air intakes of following cars. They get lodged in the paper air filter and start a fire that typically damages all the inlet pipework etc plus any local wiring / piping etc. Apparently an experienced eye can spot one soon as look at it. So, if you\'re a smoker put the butt in the ash tray! Also makes sense (cancer brigade or not) to not follow the car in front too closesly so that the inevitable fag buts hit the deck and not the front of your car.

Cigarettes chucked out of cars - THe Growler
Singapore: S$300 and a public caning. That would fix it.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Ian (Cape Town)
And how much does a public caning cost in the Philippines, Growler?
I know they are damned expensive here.
"Naughty Boys get Bottom marks!"
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - THe Growler
Well that's a matter not for these august pages I fear.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Ian (Cape Town)
true, true ...
Though, to return to the motoring type stuff ...
I remember a friend dropping his 'coal' onto his lap while at the traffic lights.
Much embarrasment as he starting frantically groping around his nether regions trying to extinguish the offending tobacco before he caused some serious damage to himself and the seat, while a couple of old biddies in the car next to him looked on with shocked expressions...
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - edisdead {P}
Funnily enough i was thinking about the very subject this morning. I do a motorway commute of 50mins each way. I like to think i drive a sensible distance from the car in front but this doesn't seem to help - I'd say on average i get 2-3 fag ends blown back onto (into?!) the car every day, it must just be a matter of time before one gets sucked into the bonnet and does some sort of damage - they burn at around 700C!

Ed. (reformed smoker & proud)
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - mark
Its worth a search on here I do recall a very good thread on this subject about 6 months ago with some brilliant posts including data from someone who had made a study of car fires.

as ever

Cigarettes chucked out of cars - borasport20
I once worked with a bloke who was untidy and a heavy smoker. The back of his car was always full of reams & reams of work documents.

Driving down the motorway on a hot summer day with front and rear windows open, he threw a fag butt away, but didn't notice it blew into the back of the car until it was too late. The car, a peugeot 309 gti was written off, and the company even got billed for the damage to the road surface !

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - dave18
A smoker myself, i had the misfortune for a fag end to end up at the back of the car. Relatively luckily it landed on a friend and their reaction caused me to realise what the ashtray was for.
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - smokie
They probably save S$300 on their fags, ours are so expensive...
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Ian (Cape Town)
hehe - I'll continue to pay less than a quid for mine ...
Filthy, disgusting habit, but ...
Biter, bit - sort Of - Dave E
It takes me back many years ago, when I succumbed to the weed ( none since 1990, though ).

Out with my brother and our respective partners in his Mini. Me sat behind him decided to flick ciggie butt out of open window. Much mirth followed when said butt came straight back in and down the back of brothers lovely yellow and black rally jacket melting a large hole in it.

He was not happy.
Biter, bit - sort Of - THe Growler
Walkin around the average city these days you're probably smoking 20 a day without even lighting up.......
Biter, bit - sort Of - smokie
.....I need to get out more then
Biter, bit - sort Of - sombrueil
They are strict about cig butts in Wigan, so as a motorist if you throw your cig end out or other rubbish, you stand a good chance of having a fixed penalty of 50 quid, but looking at Wigan friday,sat night there is rubbish thrown everywhere but where are the litter patrol then, no again its just the motorist to suffer, i mean the council staff come out for a smoke and leave their stubs on the ground,
Cigarettes chucked out of cars - Oz
Also anti-social (witness any traffic island where there is a wait for traffic lights to change) is the practice of whiling away the spare moments by emptying the ash tray on to the traffic island. Some locations seem to be a 'favourite'.
Oz (as was)
Biter, bit - sort Of - borasport20
flippin' heck

another pie-eater !

p.s. - leave the council workers alone. they've had a stressful year, what with deciding where to put all those mini roundabouts, cycle & bus lanes etc.etc.

p.p.s. - do you live in orrell/winstanley - have you registered for broadband - if not, please do. it costs nothing and commits you to nothing

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up

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