Retirement car - Rob Kerss
I retire later this year. I have been quite happy driving too and from work in a 1997 R Citroen ZX Temptation 1.9D (and before that a ZX 1.4i). I would like something much more relaxed for my retirement. Although I will be doing less mileage, there will be more longer journeys to see family and friends around UK. We have 2 small dogs and tend to occupy all the space behind the rear seats when we go away. As the current car is a hatch, we also VERY occasionally shift something a bit larger. This could be crucial when we move on retirement. Including the part exchange I could spend £8000 for a good used car. I could perhaps manage £10,000 for something special which is going to last. Is it worth exchanging getting a more thirsty car if it is cheaper?Any ideas for comfort, quietness and longevity?
RE: Retirement car - honestjohn
Dear Rod,

If you're asking other site hitters for their opinions then you've sent this to the right place. If you're asking me, you need to use the e-mail facility at the top of the index bar.


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