do bearings squeek? - andrew4
Hi All

I have a VW golf (81,000 miles).

I am getting constant light and rapid squeeks from my rear suspension whilst driving along normal roads.

When driving over smooth and even roads there are no squeeks.

Could this be the bearings or is it definitely a suspension problem?

do bearings squeek? - Dynamic Dave
I would have thought it more likely to be a dry rubber bush within the suspension components somewhere. Does the sqeaking still occur when it\'s wet/been raining?
do bearings squeek? - Peter D
This could be the old favourite of the automatic brake adjuster spring in side the brake Drum has corroded and broken and is not jammed between the shoe and the drum thus the squeal. You can check this if you are familier with the layout by removing one wheel bolt, jacking the car and spinning the wheel in addition looking through the bolt hole and locating the adjuster lever and associated spring. it is the only spring that goes goes up and down rather that back and front. Next step remove the drums.


do bearings squeek? - glowplug
Had a Metro that squeaked whenever it was dry/hot for more than 2 weeks, so not that big a problem in the UK!
You could try soaking the suspension with a low pressure hose.

do bearings squeek? - Dave_TD
The Octavia (145k miles) started doing this at the front a little while back, and a Fabia courtesy car with only 700 miles up did the same. It's just one of the springs not seating properly on a rubber damper somewhere, I was told to try jacking the car up then lowering it down again, to take the weight off the suspension and let it re-seat itself.
Of course, taking off over a hump-back bridge has roughly the same effect! ;-)
do bearings squeek? - smokie
The offside rear suspension on my Omega MV6 has just started squeaking. Probably present, but not noticeable, when driving, but when I get out of the car it does it, most times. Maybe it's time I went on that diet...

Will keep an eye on this thread, and if I discover anything will update...
do bearings squeek? - smokie
I should have said - the bounce test on that corner causes squeaking, so motion isn't necessary. Out comes the Haynes manual then...
do bearings squeek? - Dynamic Dave
Smokie, I suspect the squeaking on your Omega is like a lot of Vauxhalls - it's the handbrake mechanism. Try the bounce test without the handbrake applied and see if it still does it.
do bearings squeek? - Big John
Check your rear springs (especially at the top/bottom!) to see if they have snapped, look carefully as it is hard to spot. This will cause an annoying squeak on most roads except the very smoothest.
do bearings squeek? - smokie
Spot on Dave. (I only just remembered to test it!).

Is it a problem or just something to live with?
do bearings squeek? - Dynamic Dave
Re: Handbrake.
Is it a problem or just something to live with?

I'm afraid you'll have to live with it. The main agent never solved the "problem" with a previous Cavalier, and I was told the usual "they all do that sir"

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