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£11 000 VW Golf altrnative - Ian Bentley-platt
I am about to change my car, I am self employed and drive over 30 000 miles per year, I currently have a P registered Golf 1,8 auto which I dislike driving, however I am tempted by a T registered Golf 1,6 SE I have seen offered for sale in the VW dealer at £ 11,000, Because of all the mileage I do I don't intend to keep this for more than a couple of years at the very most, and I intend hope to avoid the initial depreciation of buying new by buying "nearly new"

I have generally been pleased with VWs but I realise that for the money I am about to fork out I could get into a Luxury car such as an Audi A4 BMW 3 series or a C class Merc.

I have been offered £4500 for my golf with 68 000 on the clock, by the VW dealer.

Should I go ahead or would I be better off in the long run with a slightly older but more prestigious car ? I dont want another auto either.

Hope you can help me decide

Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - Alex. L. Dick
Skoda Octavia? Very sound, and Plod does not think it better than his own car, yet!
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - crazed idiot
seat leon looks good

toyota corolla looks crap and is very underrated but great in practise

or a 2 month old vectra if u want a workhorse that blends into the background
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - Mark
I forgot to mention before I bought the Passat I had a look at the Octavia TDI GLX Estate. It was a fine motor but unknown longer term residuals was the reason I did not buy, the estate is relatively rare as a nearly new but worth a long hard look if you can find one.


Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - Roger Jones
Doing that mileage, I'd err on the side of the comfort and space that a larger chassis would offer. However, although I drive an MB, I have never been able to get comfortable in a C-class (driven as courtesy cars from time to time). I'd have a very serious look at a Passat or a Mondeo, of which there should be plenty to choose from for your budgeted sum.
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - crazed idiot
would never pay for a C class (have driven company ones many times), as I think the foot (not hand) brake makes them dangerous...

not even up to the standard of the ratchet footbrakes you get on everyday cars in the states...
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - Mark

Trade Sales at Slough is advertising new Passats (1.6) probably from S Ireland for around the budget quoted, might not get a similar p/ex price though. I have a new TDI Passat and it knocks the Vectra into a cocked hat for comfort residuals will be better as well, relatively high milage on a Passat does not frighten punters as much as it does on a Vectra, they plummet like a stone with more than 90k on the clock.


Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - J Todd
On HJ's car by car breakdown, if you look up Ford Focus, you will see that he reports that in Germany the trend is now to switch from Golf to Focus.

HJ's page also explains why that is a sound decision.
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - crazed idiot
dont like trade sales they tried to stitch me brother up with a punto with no red key, i wonder how many people they do that to who dont realise it at the time...

talking to trading standards in slough at the same time about the same issue they will happily tell you they have a long long list of complaints...

treat with caution

hope this helps somebody
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - honestjohn in Indonesia
To crazed idiot, Puntos don't have red keys any more ever since the current shape was launched. Ian's other option is, of course, a SEAT Leon from a SEAT dealer at whatever the current offer price is with a proper three year warranty. It's a better looking Golf, nicer to drive, and it's made in Europe rather than South Africa.

Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - crazed idiot
its was a punto that should have had a red key just before the new ones came out
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - crazed idiot
and i said leon as well, ha ha
although after going through the same loop myself i picked a corolla (dont ask me why but i am impressed, if you can get over the looks)
£11 000 VW Golf altrnative - David Lacey
Personally, I wouldn't touch a Golf. Pick of the bunch has to be the excellent SEAT Leon. Decent dealers, 3 yr Warranty, High build quality and great looks.
Re: £11 000 VW Golf altrnative - Ian Bentley-platt
Have now discovered that for 12K motorpoint do brand new golf 1.6SE, So I will sell mine privately and pay them a visit, they also do Beetle & Seat leon for around this price - might consider this also, anyone had a beetle ?

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