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Toyota iq - Buying low mileage car - Lana79
I was looking for a small automatic car and found the Toyota IQ in Toyota garage. It's 7 years old but have only 12k miles on it. Clear MOT history. What could be the problems with this car as it had low mileage? Could it already start to rot? How good usually dealer would check used car before buying it? Do u think the £5400 is good price for it?
Thanks a lot.
Toyota iq - Buying low mileage car - SLO76
Despite the low mileage (which is not uncommon on small autos) it still requires proof of annual oil changes. These use timing chains on both engine variants which must have regular fresh oil to remain healthy. The 1.33 is a Toyota unit and the better engine (faster, more refined and longer lasting) but the 3cyl 1.0 Daihatsu designed motor (as used in Aygo, C1, 108 & Yaris) is fine if looked after properly. The CVT gearbox is very robust and well tried and tested. Not sure what it's like for low speed creep so try it before buying, CVT's can often be awkward to park unless you have good throttle control. I've never heard any complaints so I'm assuming they're fine.

They're good little cars, easy to drive, easy to park, rides properly and rarely do they go wrong but they were a bit of a flop in the UK due to the rather ungainly styling and too high new price. The styling also hurts resale so you don't want to overpay for one unless you intend on very longterm ownership. It will be hard work to sell on again unless it's cheap.

It's a little overpriced, you can buy sub 30k manual 1.0 versions for under £3k at this age but low mileage 1.33 autos are around £4.5-£5k. If it has a full Toyota history and a good warranty thrown in I'd be looking to pay no more than £5k. If it's missed its annual services then I'd be wary.

Don't announce your visit to the dealer. You want to hear a chain driven engine start from cold to listen for any rattles. It should go quiet pretty much instantly. The 1.33 rarely has issues in this regard, to be honest I've never known one to rattle but it's quite common to hear 1.0 Yaris and Aygos that have been neglected rattling away. The IQ tends to attract a wealthier and (no offence) older audience so most have been well looked after.,
Toyota iq - Buying low mileage car - badbusdriver

Good on you, the toyota iq is (imo) the most brilliantly packaged car on the road!. Despite what BMW might claim, the iq far better encapsulates what the original mini was all about, as opposed to the fashion accessory that their version is. It defies belief that toyota managed to make enough space in the iq for 3 adults plus a child!. And despite its tiny dimensions, it still achieved what at the time was the highest euro ncap crash test ratings. Bear in mind though, because of its layout (the front passenger seat is mounted further forward than the drivers seat to make the rear passenger seat usable for an adult), there is no 'glovebox' as standard, instead you got clip on thing like a handbag, but I think it was an optional extra. Also, with the rear seats in use, there is literally no boot!. But owners rate them very highly, and toyota's reputation for reliability is much better than most manufacturers. It's a crying shame (but indicative of most people's priorities in a car) the car buying public never took to the iq as it looked 'odd'.

Interestingly Aston Martin did a version of the iq (called the cygnet) in a bid to lower the company's collective emissions. It cost a huge premium over the iq, and was a sales flop, so they stopped making them after, I think, only a couple of years. Even 2nd hand, if you can find one, it will cost around £30k!. It had an Aston Martin designed grill and bumper along with a a restyled tailgate. Absolutely lashings of leather inside, needless to say!

Toyota iq - Buying low mileage car - Engineer Andy

Would it be worth the OP also paying particular attention to the battery, tyres and brakes' condition, given it looks like to have been standing around for a long time. New batteries aren't cheap (though easily replaceable), but flat-spotted tyres and warped brake discs would be expensive to replace, relative to the price of the car.

Toyota iq - Buying low mileage car - elekie&a/c doctor

A good friend runs 2 of these and thinks they are an amazing bit of kit (he is an engineer). What I don't get is why the Smart cars are so popular while the IQ is in a totally different league.Streets ahead in all areas.

Toyota iq - Buying low mileage car - SLO76

A good friend runs 2 of these and thinks they are an amazing bit of kit (he is an engineer). What I don't get is why the Smart cars are so popular while the IQ is in a totally different league.Streets ahead in all areas.

Totally agree. The Smart is overpriced and notorious for problems later in life. It's a disposable car at far too high a price.

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