Scenic RDS Radio - BobbyG
Has anyone any idea how to adjust the volume at which you receive RDS traffic reports on a Scenic? The manual doesn't advise you.
I remember one of my previous cars, poss ZX, could adjust the volume of the Traffic Announcement.

Scenic RDS Radio - Dave_TD
I don't know the Scenic setup specifically, but the two general methods I know are:

1) Set the volume (during normal listening) to the level you want traffic announcements to come through at, then hold the traffic button for quite a while, either 5 or 10 seconds, can't remember which

2) Hold down the menu button while switching the radio on, with some units this takes you into a different menu where you can set the TA volume, power-on volume etc.



PS Most car stereos have buttons which do one thing when you jab them and another when you hold them for a few seconds.
Scenic RDS Radio - MikeC
I've looked on my parents 99T Megane RT Alize 5dr with standard Philips cassette/radio (no CD) and can't find any function that changes volume of TA, the manual only states 'announcements will be heard at minimal volume'.

Pushing 'TA' button for a few seconds toggles 'AF' (auto-retuning of the frequency) on/off.

Only a few cars I've driven for work have vol adjustment - I always try and turn it down where possible as I jump out of my skin when the announcements start - to the amusement of my colleagues of course!!

Scenic RDS Radio - Craggyislander
Cheers to DTD for that advice - I held down the TA button on the Mondeo's RDS4000 and it worked!! TA Volume was set at 13 which explains like Mike why I had been leaping about everytime there was a traffic report.
Thanks again :o)

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