"A" Frame Towing - Martin
Does anyone know if towing using an A Frame where the disabled vehicle steers itself is still legal in the UK?
Re: "A" Frame Towing - Dave N
It is, as long as the trailer rules are followed. All you are doning is towing a 4 wheel trailer, so as long as it complies with the weight and braking arrangements, you are ok. The problem is usually the weight though, as above 750kg it should be braked, as it should be if it is under 750kg but above 75% of the towing vehicle weight (or something like that). If you are a breakdown vehicle then you are exempt from some of the above.

I tow a Suzuki 4wd on an A frame behind my Land Cruiser, so am technically breaking the law as the 'trailer' weighs more then 750kg and doesn't have overun brakes. Of course, the 'trailor' doesn't need an MOT or insurance!
Re: "A" Frame Towing - Alwyn
I was told that if any part of the towed vehicle touched the ground, then it must have an MOT.

I also asked North Wales police to tell me if this was true and they said they did not know.

So according to wha tI hav been told by the trade, if using an A frame or a spectacle lift to pull a car, tehn teh car must have na MOT.

I am still not sure of the law and cannot find the correct answer.
Re: "A" Frame Towing - Stuart B
Well saw the AA using it only t'other day, plus seen a couple of those A Class motorhomes towing a Clio/106 in same fashion, so I suppose it must be.

But then if seeing people do things means its OK must indicate that pedal cycles dont need lights anymore?

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