Morpheus (As Seen on TV) - with Quentin Wilson - Jonathan
Does anyone here have any experience of using this system? It apparently has a database of all the locations of speed cameras in the UK, prob does not include mobile ones...


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Go to and they have objective test reports of the kit from Morpheus. Plus loads of other stuff on other kit.

In summary the Geodesy which is a GPS based system that is not a radar/laser detector jammer, but simply monitors where you are using Global Positioning System and if you are near a known speed camera site it warns you with coloured lights and sound. If you see a new site that is not in the database press a button and it logs it in its memory. The race is then to be the first Geodesy user to log on to a phone line and let the machine talk to HQ. It will be checked out and if its a camera site and you are the first to report it you get paid. Payments are a bit slow though, mainly due to the numpties reporting Trafficmaster sites as speed cameras. doh!

Available add on kit is an antenna so the thing can be hidden more out of site but still get a decent signal.

They have a new bit of kit which means you can run the same sort of system on your PDA (palmpilot?), this is called traffcam I think.

There is also a forum on the above website, which allegedly is contributed to by the police. Those who think this site is anti police should read the bile on that forum!! Personally I consider those contributors who admit to being police officers do themselves quite some credit by the restrained responses they give to the abuse also the case on this site actually.
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For another review try the Fiat Coupe owners web-site:, click on the Fiat, then click on reviews, and scroll down to the Morpheous review link. Also there is a link to the manufacturers website.


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