Sluggish Astra 1.7dti - Timoshanko
My Astra 1.7dti is very sluggish on low revs however at about 2200 revs it picks up quite well the acceleration is noticeably better any suggestions. Timoshanko
Sluggish Astra 1.7dti - Chris TD
Sounds just like mine - 97 Vauxhall Engined one with Low Pressure Turbo.

I've learnt (after years of petrol engines) to keep it in the "power band" of 2200 to 3500. The gearing steps seem to facilitate this, and suitable progress can be maintained.

If needing to take off in a hurry (busy roundabout for example) give it some throttle to get the revs up and turbo spinning before letting the clutch in.

There was a thread here a while ago on how to drive a diesel that I found useful as a newbie.

Hope this helps,

Chris TD

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