Reliant Robin - bernie
To all the people that keep calling this vehicle a Robin
Reliant,please,please please.


And a mural is not a muriel
Reliant Robin - Obsolete
Do you feel better now? :)

Actually I am always amazed that those things sold as you could buy a car for the same price. Didn't they stop production a year or two back?
Reliant Robin - SteveH42
We actually have a dealer just around the corner - they have a few second hand ones, and a rather interesting little van thingy that I'm sure would make a great urban delivery vehicle. Whether they actually sell any I'm not so sure - can't recall actually seeing any around here..
Reliant Robin - Dynamic Dave
Actually I am always amazed that those things sold as you
could buy a car for the same price.

Yes, but you can drive a Robin on a motorbike licence[1], whereas a car you can't.

[1] As they're classed as a Trike.
Reliant Robin - Dave_TD
Yes, but you can drive a Robin on a motorbike licence
whereas a car you can't.

I was talking to someone a few weeks ago who had a Reliant Kitten (the 4-wheel version of the Robin) on their driveway. They were in their 80's and had driven (ridden?) Reliant 3-wheelers for years on a 'bike licence. They seemed to think they were OK to drive the Kitten, and indeed have been for over a year, although I would have thought they were not... Anybody have the definitive answer?
Reliant Robin - THe Growler
The Reliants (and indeed the Bonds et al) replaced the 1950's motorcycle sidecar combination for impecunious families as the kids came along and (with reverse blanked off) were driveable on a bike licence.

The early sidevalve Austin 7 derivative engines with 2 main bearings were troublesome, but the later OHV aluminium ones were surprisingly quick and long-lasting. Given the plastic body as well, manouevrability and ease of parking, the Reliant was actually a sensible and useful urban vehicle, especially the van version.

It was only increasing social affluence that caused the sneers and jokes: at one time a 3 wheeler was a very viable and accepted form of transport.

The Smart is but a reiteration of this kind of transportation concept.

Reliant Robin - Mark (RLBS)
As far as I recall, there were a whole bunch of people got caught out by this when the Kitten first came out.

However, the only classification I can find..

"Motor tricycles / quadricycles, 3 or 4 wheeled vehicles with an unladen weight not exceeding 550kg."

BTW, I also came across...........

"Three wheeler and light car category removed from full motorcycle licence entitlement. Previously a full motorcycle licence has allowed riders to drive motor-tricycles and light cars. This entitlement is has been removed from bike licences issued after 1st February 2001. "
Reliant Robin - THe Growler
I remember we used to fit a reverse gear blanking plate on the BMW Isetta's we sold to bike license holders....
Reliant Robin - henry k
It is a good morning to discuss the subject
Reliant Robin - Galaxy
Reliant Robin - THe Growler
Good site. I remember the very early Reliants which were basically a box body round a motorcycle with girder front forks.
Our local grocer used to deliver Mother's order with one. She's drop her list in in the morning along with her ration book and by the time I got home from school (1 mile walk to and from the bus stop rain or snow) it had all been delivered. Now when was the last time Tesco pitched up at your front door....?
Reliant Robin - smokie
Growler - Tesco (and others) now home deliver, for a fee (£5 I think)
Reliant Robin - THe Growler
So they've caught up with 1949 then? LOL
Reliant Robin - THe Growler
....and nuclear is not nucular (with respects to Dubya)
Reliant Robin - Tom Shaw
And for the record, Delboy Trotter drives a RELIANT REGAL, not a Robin as the press keep reporting.

Lovely little cars, better than that stupid Smart.
Reliant Robin - THe Growler
Thank you Tom. That little ally engine was a gem.


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