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Oil Additives - Dave N
I wondered what you regulars think of oil additives? You know, all the Wynns and STP type product that you can add to engine, gearbox and ATF fluid. I know the 'Rebuild your engine with one can' is junk, but do any of the others make any difference?
RE: Oil Additives - honestjohn
Some bloke sent me some stuff called ICE which you're supposed to pout into your engine and immediately benefit from a 25% improvement in fuel economy. So I asked him if he had any evidence of it extending the life of an alloy BMW M52 block with original Nickasil bore liners to 200,000 miles. But I do subscribe to gearbox oil additives. Just one container of STP held a noisy box together on a Jetta 16v I once owned for more than three years.

RE: Oil Additives - saxton

I have used Slik50 on Reliant Scimitar diffs which successfully maintained/reduced noise levels.Also latterly on Mercedes 190 2.6 diff with
similar success over considerable mileage.

Oil (again) - David Moore
If I do get some thick oil (as suggested for my old Polo) at the next change, will any of the oil additives available help to improve cold start protection?

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