Number Plates - Fullchat
Today I decided that as I wanted to use my small trailer i ought to get a number plate for it as I have had a change of car since I last used it. Anyway armed with my V5 ( smug know it all!) down to my local national parts/accessory and leisure products dealer.
\"Could I have a rear number plate with this reg no please\" and hands over the V5 ( still looking smug!)
\"Have you any ID with a photograph and address on it like a driving licence?\"
\"Er no, but the cars outside\" (smug smile now gone!)
\"The laws changed and we need to see some ID as well as the V5\"
\"Thinks \" I know the law\'s changed thats why I\'ve brought my V5!\"
\"Well we will need to see something, here have a leaflet it explains everything on it\"
Walks out of shop goes home and gets the requisit bits of paper and returns. ( severe sulk on!)
\"Ah got all your bits now , the laws recently changed you know.\"

Anyway they then proceeded to enter my details on a computer. \"Do you know the approx mileage sir?\" \"Whats your telephone number?\"
\"How are you paying we need to enter your card details?\"
So all this information is being stored on a computer, printer is spewing out loads of paper and I\'m signing for the plate ( this isn\'t to pay for it I might add, we have to go through that bit at the till!)

Plate made up and off I go. Well what a carry on! I know the reasoning behind it but how can the information be used? The computer is not linked to a natinal database. The plate does have the name of the supplier on it with a code number which I presume is the branch so I suppose I could be tracked. Are all dealers as thorough? Have I in a round about way become an indirect victim of crime??????? Would have been a sight easier to use a piece of card and a marker pen! Rant over.

Number Plates - Dave N
It is a right fag, and I think they keep all the details themselves in case there's a problem later with the plate. If they're asking for mileage, maybe that goes back to DVLA, but I don't think so. Once again, it's the law abiding that get hammered because it's easier than nabbing criminals, but looks like somethings being done.

I think you'll find the small local car spares places aren't quite so concerned.
Number Plates - Gen
Just buy your number plates off the internet (ebay possibly comes to mind). Think that you have just had all your details copied down ready for junk mail/telephone spam. Accept that I am sure there is a law asking for lots of silly things but, as we all know, this kind of law will cause us hassle to us and the criminals none.

There you go, £15 and no bother...
Number Plates - Flat in Fifth
obviously warrant card not good enough ID then these days FC?

Number Plates - Ian (Cape Town)
Maybe with the amount of 'cloning' going on these days, this is an attempt to stop it?
Or maybe some chairwarmer somewhere has come up with another way to frustrate motorists?
I'm still looking [and so are local plod] for the git with my plates, who caused my many problems in the past, jumping lights, parking on pavements etc.
Same make and colour car, same number, different driver ... It took a long time to resolve - and almost a court case - before the pocal plod accepted that my car had been cloned.
Number Plates - puntoo
If someone has the brains to steal a car then change the vin plates/engine number I doubt that a piece of plastic is going to cause them much bother. Another stupid law, which will only catch the stupid criminal or the waste the time of the law abiding.

You say that they entered your personal details into a computer so they should be covered by the data protection registar. So they can only use the data for the purpose suppied to the dpa, and cant go sharing it with other companies without your express permission. You are also entitled to view the details held and have any details corrected.
Number Plates - Wally Zebon
Get it done in Scotland. We can walk into a shop, ask for a number plate and five minutes later walk away with it.

No questions asked.

The law is only applicable to England and Wales. Halfords however do ask for a V5 etc, but thats bacause they are a national chain and their policy is based on the English law.
Number Plates - John S
It would have be an approximate mileage - I haven't a clue how many miles my trailer has done............

John S
Number Plates - volvod5_dude
I've managed to get hold of a couple on French number plates!!! They fell off the back of a lorry! Someone's already offered me £20 for them, I wonder why?

Number Plates - John S
Parce que avec le registration Francais, vous n'avez pas un problem avec les appareils photographique, et une visite a Londre est libre. £20. Zut alors! C'est un prix trivial!


John S
Number Plates - volvod5_dude
My lad wants to put them on his bedroom wall. I suppose if someone wanted to avoid the congestion charge they could always wear a Tony Blair mask! Personally I never drive to London, I use the train. So what do you reckon they are worth? Perhaps I could hire them out.

Number Plates - Gen
Sell them for 20£ of course, if there's such a demand I'll go and buy a job lot from a scrapyard. ps rhd car on french plates bound to draw attention from police...especially if it's not a clio...wouldn't try it myself...and clamping is the danger in london
Number Plates - BrianW
So long as the number on your car isn't visible when the trailer's on then pick up a plate from a dumped car in a layby.
Number Plates - Wally Zebon
Thats going to be tricky. Unless your towing and pushing a trailer.


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