Seatbelts remain top safety enhancement - Cyd
Picked up this news item this week, thought you might be interested:

Seatbelts remain top safety enhancement in cars,
among many effective improvements since 1950s

Automakers have made great strides in enhancing the safety of vehicles since the 1950s. In that era, a person’s chances of dying in an automobile accident were four times higher than they are today.
Since that time, the industry has outfitted vehicles with dual braking systems (1968); disc brakes (1960s); antilock brakes (1980s); radial-ply tires (1970s); shatter-proof safety glass (1968); collapsible steering wheels (1960s); lap-and-shoulder seat belts (1969); less-intrusive metal (1966); and airbag systems (1970s/1980s).
In the near future, vehicles are likely to become even safer, with the emergence of “smart” airbag systems, which can control airbag deployments in concert with an occupant’s seat-belt status, seating position, and size and weight.
Of all the safety technologies, seat belts remain the most important in saving lives, according to industry experts. Officials at the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that an additional 9,000 road deaths could be averted annually if everyone riding in vehicles buckled-up. (Consumer Reports)
Seatbelts remain top safety enhancement - Gen
Seatbelts obviously essential and wouldn't condone not wearing.

Sounds like a lot of car industry back patting.

In my view, the car industry produced ever more powerful cars through innovation but there was a delay in matching this in stopping power and handling ability.

Good for selling testing a car to do 140mph on a straight airfield, but safety is a car that can do a sharp corner at 70mph and not spin off when hitting the bumps and rain.

And I do know shouldn't be doing 70 round sharp corners...

So, Audi Quattro, there was an invention...
Seatbelts remain top safety enhancement - Cyd
....Sounds like a lot of car industry back patting....

NHTSA are not part of the motor industry. They are a Federal Government agency with responsibility for road safety matters. It is they that write all that US safety legislation. They also have powers to force recalls and investigations into poor design. Take a look at their website:
Seatbelts remain top safety enhancement - Gen
Aha...that explains it. A Federal Government agency will be patting the car industry backs a lot these days . With Ford in such financial difficulties criticism of the industry would be suicidal for the government. A chapter 11 for Ford would involve a great loss of face for the government and economic problems (all those workers, dare we say pensions). Look at how the NHTSA failed to order a recall by Ford over those Firestone tyres for so long- you can betcha that if it was BM or Merc would have ordered them in quicker.

Thanks for the website address, try as I might I couldn't find the list of top people working there. What's the bets it car industry types who worked for GM moved to NHTSA then back to GM etc...


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