Cost to rotate tyres - peteH
Need to have two tyres fitted to the front at the local fast fit.

As a number of thread recommend new tyres should be fitted to the rear, so I would like the front tyres replaced and fitted to the rear - and the rear tyres on front.

No doubt I will have to pay extra for this - how much is it reasonable that I am charged for the extra work?

Cost to rotate tyres - Darren
You should not be charged any extra for doing this , like everthing else if you shop around and state that is part of the deal of buying the new tyres most will do it for free.

I would recommend the new tyres go on the driving wheels , so if the car is rear wheel drive then put them on the rear but if front wheel drive then put them on the fronts.
Cost to rotate tyres - Dynamic Dave
I agree with Darren, they shouldn't charge for this. Ask first, and if they do, try elsewhere.

Re: New tyres on front or rear. This has been discussed many times. Please don't start another discussion about it or I'll simply attach this thread onto one of the earlier threads.

btw, previous suggestions conclude that new tyres are best fitted onto the rear, regardless of whether the car is front or rear wheel drive.

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