Advice re VW Mk3 Golf - tobyn
I've seen a 94 (mk3) golf estate, petrol 2.0, 73k for £3k. I've never had a VW before and so looked up HJ's comments. He says 'many replacement parts will be needed over 10 yr life'. Does that mean more than it should or more considering VW's cleverly crafted image?
Are these decent cars? Is the Tdi better than the petrol? Any thoughts?
Advice re VW Mk3 Golf - Roger Jones
I've had a Mk III VR6 Highline since new in December 1996. I have replaced the door mirror glasses (about £35 each, if I recall rightly), both having stopped defrosting after about 5 years; I've just had the steering-column sheer bolt (£0.88), rear-suspension bump stops (£32.40) and a boot light bulb (£0.40) replaced. That's it. Wonderful car, which I'm never going to sell.


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