4 years with a Scenic - Altea Ego
Just thought i would post 4 years of Renault Scenic experience for the benefit of others consdering this car.

Renault Megane Scenic, 1.6 RT Alize. Specified with twin electric sunroofs. Ordered as a company car, delivered May 1st 1999. Faults on delivery, slight rattles from dashboard, large glue mark on rear headrest.

10,000 miles, front sunroof jammed.

12,000 miles, first service, no extra items found, dealer ok - fixed sunroof
15,000 miles, rear sunroof sunroof blind comes apart, back half
disapears under roof - rear sunroof jams.

24,000 miles, Second service, no extra items found, dealer fixes sunroof blind and leaves home made tool on back seat (its a length of brazing rod with a hook bent in the end.....

30,000 miles Rear sunroof problem reappears. Remove home made tool from boot, and figure out how to hook back sunroof blind and flick the spring clips back together to hold the two halfs of the blind

32,000 miles Passes MOT - advise on front tyres and pads.

34,000 miles two new front tyres

36,000 miles, Third service - new front pads and disks.

Car has now done 45,000 miles and goes back next month. Apart from the sunroof problems has been utterly utterly reliable.
Its on the original rear tyres. The rear suspension is starting to feel a bit loose, with a slight sideways hop when pushed hard over bumpy corners so i suspect the rear shocks are getting a bit tired
The fuel consumption was disapointing at first (28-30) but suddenly kicked up at about 10000 miles (34 round town, 40/42 on a motorway run). Its a bit noisy and boomy and underpowered, but cruises happily at 80/85 all day once wound up. Find it very comfortable and like the driving position despite the reports of people who think its like driving a bus. Its been handy for trips to the dump (with the seats out its huge), the dog likes it, the boy likes it, the wife is happy in it. So ok it does not excite in any way, but there is a kind of satisfaction at hustling it along quickly using nice lines and straight lining bends. Driving a car that leans a lot and throws a quick body swerve when turned suddenly teaches you smooth driving.
It had done two big french holidays (2k miles each) and felt really really comfortable. (funny how french cars suddenly feel at home on french roads!) Even took out the rear seats and two of us camped in it at the British GP.

Major problems - none
Minor problems - sunroofs
Dislikes - Noisy heater fan, Slightly boomy interior, tyre noise,
white undercoat under dark blue paint!!!

Likes - Versatile, comfortable, easy to drive, reliable, safe.

This is what you need a car for. Be it carting rubbish to the dump, the dog and child to the seaside, long motorway business trips or family holidays abroad, at no time have I felt I needed a different car or ever felt it would let me down. Will be sorry to see her go. (Wife is quite upset, so was dog till I gave her a biscuit)

4 years with a Scenic - jd
Excellent real-life report.

>>(Wife is quite upset, so was dog till I gave her a biscuit)>>

That's funny, my wife also stops being upset when I give our dog a biscuit......... weird

4 years with a Scenic - DavidHM
I know I'm going to get severely flamed for saying this - and maybe you already have done this, but why not post on www.c********.org The site is full of reports like this, although most are neither as comprehensive nor as well written.

The swear word filter will kick in at this point, but regulars at least will know what I'm talking about.
4 years with a Scenic - nick
Hi David,
I don't know this website. Can you email me the address or spell it out with a few spaces to get past the filter?
4 years with a Scenic - DavidHM
It\'s car survey.org Without the space, naturally.

The reason it\'s banned is that someone came on here last week and posted about that site on virtually every thread. This time though, it actually seems like an appropriate response.
4 years with a Scenic - BobbyG
I must agree with all your thoughts on the car. I am onto my second Scenic, original being a Mark 1 Rtdt, my second being the facelifted Dynamique+ with the dci engine.
Although I prefer the first engine (see separate post), both have had trips to France, the very South, and they have both been great. They take a family of 4 and all luggage easily, and still plenty of cubby holes to fill with wine and beer on the way back!
I know of 4 of my friends who criticised me for getting a boring car, all 4 are now driving Scenics. Only "problem" is that when you go from the Scenic to my wife's Saxo, you think you are sitting on the tarmac!
Why did you change to a Laguna?
4 years with a Scenic - Altea Ego
>Why did you change to a Laguna?

ah - late mid life crisis - seduced by a gorgeous young french trollop in an outrageously pretty frock............
4 years with a Scenic - dave18
Stepdad had a 2.0 Monaco for 2 years. Pretty quick, nice to have the leather seats and so on. Reliable especially consdidering he never found time to service it.
4 years with a Scenic - martin.g.g
Had my scenic for 3 years its 99 1.9DTI Monoco a rare beast. Took me ages to find one and had to go for a year older and slightly higher mileage than I originally wanted. The car has been 100% reliable except for that dreaded alternator belt braking fault (this is a nasty design fault on this engine). I was unlucky that the alternator belt broke and bits found there way to wrap themselves around the crankshaft cam belt pulley causing the valve timing to slip out. However I got away without damaging any valves or pistons. The camshaft pulley sheared its location lug off thus stopping any further damage, but the top end still needed stripping to confirm this. Apart from that I am very happy with the car and I am just thinking its time to replace it with another. Fuel consumption has never been brilliant doing high 30mpg (35-39mpg never had 40mpg). This was attained by monitoring the fuel consumption over the last 3 years on every time I filled the tank (have an excel spreadsheet set up). With the higher diesel cost compared to petrol a 1.6 or 1.8 may have been more economical and give the same performance.

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