Suspension squeaking. - andrew4
Hi All

I have a 1991 VW Golf (81,000 miles, 1300cc).

I have noticed that my suspension is emitting squeaking noises during driving. The squeaking is more apparent driving along rougher roads.

All suspension components are the original ones since 1991. The only replacements have been the rear bump stops 10,000 miles ago.
The shock absorbers are functioning fine.

Is this a cause for concern? Is it time to replace the shock absorbers?

Suspension squeeking. - Primera_p
Have you tested the shock absorbers?

I'm not an expert but I would presume that things like bushes, springs and dampers have a finite useful life so it would be worth getting it checked. Faulty suspension has a knock-on effect on steering and braking as well so I'd get it looked at asap.

Reminds me of that police programme on last night where the owner of a Fiesta was driving with completely knackered dampers as well as other faults.
Suspension squeeking. - Big John
Check to see if you have a broken spring, this seems quite common especially at the rear. They usually break at the top so you have to look carefully. If so change both sides!
Suspension squeeking. - Vansboy
Get the WD40 out!
Suspension squeeking. - Cyd
Could be the shocks - they can squeek and 80k is a fair life. Could also be bushes - these can become squeeky as they age and perish.

Can you get someone to bounce the car whilst you try to feel for excess play in bushes? Have a good look for any visual signs too, like splits and tears.

Cost up the bushes and try replacing the cheapest/easiest ones first. See what the old ones are like compared to the new ones (split, deformed). If they are knackered good chance they could all do with changing.
Suspension squeeking. - Dynamic Dave
Does the suspension still squeak when it\'s raining? If not, I would suspect a dry suspension bush somewhere.
Suspension squeeking. - Claude
DONT spray WD40 on rubber/plastic bushes use silicone spray.
Suspension squeeking. - Hairy Hat Man
I have a front suspension squeak which is only evident when going over large sleeping policemen (i.e. pretty long suspension travel) in the wet. Any ideas?


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