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I'm trying to locate a replacement electric aerial for my Peugeot 306 2.0 SE Cabriolet.

The aerial itself is functional, but it does not go all the way down. The last two shafts seem to be kinked.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement shaft or who makes this aerial? The main Peugeot dealer wants £120 for a new one.
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Not sure about Peugeot but Vauxhall supply just the mast for about £18+VAT. With Vauxhall it was just a matter of releasing the nut at the base of the mast and turning on the radio. This would push the old mast out using the nylon drive. The new mast is fitted by reversing the procedure.

Push Peugeot a little harder for just the mast!
RE: Peugeot 306 Cabrio Electric aerial - ShereKhan
Peugeot will supply just about everything except the metal mast. I've phoned four or five dealers around the country. Only two of them will agree to sell individual components. The rest just want to sell me an aerial assembly complete.

I've tried a few Peugeot breakers and also specialist parts places. All of them have referred me to the main dealer. :(
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hope you got the aerial sorted...can you sort out a coding problem with the radio. The sequence to load the code is not showing . Tried leaving the car on for 2 hrs no luck any ideas

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Hmm not sure how to solve this one. As I have only had the car a few days. It should tell you how to do this in the handbook.
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thanks for replying i dont have the handbook so could you tell me what they recommend
RE: Peugeot 306 Cabrio Electric aerial - ShereKhan

I take it you have the code. If you havent, most Peugeot dealers will give you the code for free if they can find it on their marketing system. Otherwise they'll charge you between £15-35 to re-code. But they dont guarantee it will work!

The handbook says the following:-

Entering the Code

Switch the set on
The display shows "CODE" then the set changes over to code request mode and "----" is displayed.
Enter your four digit code number using buttons "1" to "6"
When the fourth number has been entered correctly the radio starts automatically.

Error in entering code

If an error is made when entering one of the first three digits, do not continue the operation and switch off the radio to prevent blocking it.
Each incorrect code entry will result in the set being blocked for a period of from 5 secs to 30 mins, after the 7th incorrect entry.
To unblock the set, leave it switched on during the waiting period. When "----" is displayed, you can enter the code again.

If the set is switched off during the waiting period, this waiting period will restart when the set is switched on again. After 14 incorrectly input codes, the radio will be permanently locked and the display will read "END".

Hope that helps.

I'm still looking for a solution for my aerial by the way!


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