No aircon, rover? - turnin' japanese
I have a Rover 420 SLDi 98(S).

It was serviced at a main dealer last week.
Just tried the aircon & it doesn't seem to be working.

I think the system is 'operating' but not cooling the air.

The only visible evidence of anything dodgy is a small amount of green fur around the aluminium pipes around the low pressure service connector.

Any ideas????

No aircon, rover? - Cyd
Sounds like it's leaked at the joint. You'll have to take it to a specielist aircon place to have it checked, mended and re-gassed.
No aircon, rover? - turnin' japanese
Thanks, Cyd!

Any ideas how I track someone down who won't rip me off?!!

Reason I mentioned that the car has been serviced is 'cos I wasn't sure if the garage would have done anything to the aircon as part of this which could have caused or shown up the problem.

Anyone know if the aircon is even touched as part of the service. I'd be surprised if it was?!!

No aircon, rover? - Cyd
Was the aircon working perfectly when you drove the car into the dealer and not working when you drove it away? Given it's age, the aircon could have been just about to pack up - gas leaks out naturally (about 10 to 20% per year). Always possible some grease monkey has leaned on one of the pipes and cracked the joint, but very hard to substantiate IMO.

Look in the yellow pages for automotive aircon specialists - there are loads. If you can tell us what area of the country you are in I'm sure someone will have a recommendation.
No aircon, rover? - Dave N
The green fur could well be a sign of advanced corrosion on the ally pipe. We also use a green ultraviolet dye in the systems, but this would have been put in after someone reported a leak. These ally pipes are a real problem nowadays as they're incredibly thin and of low quality, not to mention a real pig to fit as they snake around the engine bay, plus they're not typically available in the aftermarket. Typically, where there is a join or clip, corrosion sets in and the pipe goes porous. If you think it still has some gas in the system, ie the compressor is still running, then spray some soapy water on the joint to see if bubbles appear. Failing that, you need a specialist. A/C isn't covered by any service schedule, and I doubt the garage did anything to cause problems.

It's too early to have lost enough gas naturally to give severe loss of cooling. So if it's empty, or virtually empty, then you have a leak.
No aircon, rover? - turnin' japanese
Thanks again to all...

Any recommended specialists in the Swindon/Oxford area?
Noticed that HJ mentions Halfords (now AA) in his FAQ.

Really concerned that loss of gas could have caused an additional problem! Like I said, the system appears to operate so maybe I have caught it in time?!!!
Ta for the tip, Dave N - Will see if I can spot the leak in daylight!
Anything else I can check prior to consulting a specialist?

Also concerned that if I go to A.N.Other garage that they may not have the correct bits to repair a leak??

I use the car for a 60 mile round trip every day so it's going to be really difficult to get the car seen to.
No aircon, rover? - Dynamic Dave
Any recommended specialists in the Swindon/Oxford area?

There is a place just outside Carterton, but I haven't got the details to hand at the moment. If I find the piece of paper I've got the details scribbled on, I'll report back.
No aircon, rover? - Dave N
If you call Autoclimate on 01743 445566 they will put you in touch with someone that has proper equipment and training. Everytime I go to Halfords I always ask them about an aircon service, then ask them how they look for leaks, and a bunch of other techy questions. I can honestly say that I\'ve never been given a correct answer, just a load of BS from someone that obviously knows nothing other than how to work the machine that recharges the system.
No aircon, rover? - Mike M
Even easier, visit for details of your nearest service centre.
No aircon, rover? - turnin' japanese
Had the system checked out.
Garage allegedly checked the system under vacuum and detected a leak (system wouldn't hold a vacuum).
Couldn't find the leak but charged for 1hour labour and partial refil with indicator dye. Advised to run the system until performance drops (or for a couple of weeks) & free return visit to detect the leak, but will charge to fix.

Seems fairynuff????

Aircon now temporarily working...

Need a sherlock to find the leak?!!!

No aircon, rover? - Dave N
The dye should show the leak alright. If it wasn't holding vacuum, then it should be fairly big, as vacuum only creates a pressure differential of 14psi (ambient air pressure trying to get in). If the leak is of that size, then I pressurize with nitrogen first to 100psi and go round it with the bubble spray. Sometimes you can hear it coming out as well.
No aircon, rover? - Cyd
The dye is an ultraviolet tracer. Once it's been leaking for a few days it should be easy enough to find.
No aircon, rover? - turnin' japanese
Sorry - been a while but thought I'd update this...

Ran the system for about a month (!) and performance gradually dropped off (2hrs use per day!!)

Leak was found around the condenser/dryer. Unfortunately not a cheap part (cheaper on later models though according to the Rover dealer!)

Now working just fine & the cost seemed reasonable given the time & part cost plus a system recharge.

Wonder if the previous owner ran the system regularly????....
No aircon, rover? - Gazza
How much was the parts and how much was the labour?
No aircon, rover? - David Lacey
By god I hope you didn't buy a Rover part (Condenser) - Autoclimate are FAR cheaper!

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