Warranties from Used Car Dealers - UncleR
I bought a car from a used car dealer a few months back (E36 BMW 1999). The dealers cheapest car was about 6k and it seems a decent place. When we test drove it the airbag light was on. I obviously mentioned it and he said it would be fixed by the time I collected it. It was.

The next day it came back on so I rang him and he said bring it down. This is 50 miles away. I took it down and a part was needed so I agreed to come back the next week for the fix. I did and it was fixed.

The light came on again the other day so I have to travel there for a third time on the chance that I'll have to come back a forth time for the fix. This is a 100 mile round trip and I'm getting annoyed!

I explained that I wasn't keen on coming back down and suggested I used my local maindealer but the dealer wasn't keen due to the costs.

My question is, at what point can I insist that I get it fixed locally due to their inability to fix the problem (at my petrol expense each time)? Or do I have to keep taking it back to him?

Thanks in advance
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - No Do$h
If the warranty was underwritten by an insurer[1] (warranty direct etc), then you can go to any approved repairer (usually has to use genuine parts) but watch the hourly rate. Most insurance backed policies only pay an unrealistic £20ph and you are liable for the difference.

If the warranty is from the dealer, I'm afraid you're going to have to learn to enjoy those 50 mile trips.

[1] most insurance backed warranties are very limited on cover for wiring/ECU faults.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - UncleR
It's the latter, from the dealer. I did not want to hear that answer!
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - No Do$h
It's the latter, from the dealer. I did not want
to hear that answer!

:o( Sorry.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - zm
I don't think you can insist that it is fixed by a main dealer, as you're dealer is fulfilling his obligations by fixing it. But if the part which he replaced has gone wrong again, it would quite likely have been supplied by a main dealer anyway, so you might be able to get it replaced by BMW f.o.c, depending on the length of the warranty on parts.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - UncleR
I don't neccesarily want to use a main dealer, someone more local would do.
The point about the part going wrong is a tricky one becase they have *said* that it has been different things (seatbelt pretentioner first time then 'Drivers pack' the second time). They could be having me (and the dealer) over on this. The workshop is close by but I'm not sure of the connection between the dealer and workshop.

My argument to him is that he may be fulfilling his obligation of fixing it but not doing the job properly. But as I can't prove that (after all it *could* be different faults) I don't really have a leg to stand on.

Looks like I'll have to keep travelling there...
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - teabelly
I would ask the dealer for a goodwill payment for the petrol costs you have incurred for these extra trips. See what they say. A reasonable dealer would agree to that as it is cheaper for them than having the car go to your local dealer.You can ask for the car to go to a dealer local to you but you would need to write to the selling dealer first and inform them of this course of action. Three times to repair something is reasonable. Beyond that it is getting more like you have a valid reason to go to another repairer. I would have a look on trading standard's website - www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/cgi-bin/calitem.cgi?fi...t
has the sort of information that would help.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - No Do$h
I agree about requesting a goodwill contribution, but they could argue that it was up to you to choose to decide to buy from a dealer that far away from home.

As fo going to another repairer, the only way you will get reimbursed is if you have the dealer's express permission. The alternative would be the trading standards route, but you can kiss goodbye to any goodwill and expect them to dig in their heels. Even with a court order (extreme and unlikely) you can't force a business to pay a bill if they don't want to.

Best bet may be to try and get a diagnosis elsewhere before heading back to the dealer for another attempt at repair.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - UncleR
Thanks for these replies which all sound like good advice. I agree, I don't want to fall out with the dealer as things will get harder.

I'll try for a goodwill payment and hope the problem is cured this time around.

Many thanks.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - No Do$h
Good luck and keep us posted.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - Andrew-T
I bought SWMBO's Clio from a small Renault dealer 40 miles away (it was a fairly uncommon model). Dealer pointed out a damaged foglamp, but said couldn't fix for a few days as part was not in stock. I suggested I bought part from dealer only 8 miles away and fitted it myself. Selling dealer agreed to refund cost of nearer dealer's invoice. So some will play reasonable ball if asked. Doubt you could fix airbag yourself though. :o)
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - zm
Some repairs are just never straight forward and take alot of diagnosing........
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - puntoo
Will he eventually just remove the bulb and not bother replacing it. I would want someone independent to take a look especially if it was the airbag.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - UncleR
Puntoo this has occured to me. My plan of action is that when it goes to BMW for it's next service I'll ask them to check it is fully operational (I'm sure the computer will tell them quite quickly). If not, the dealer will be in big trouble.
Warranties from Used Car Dealers - UncleR
Update on this. The dealer/workshop were extremely helpful on my return and ordered the part and fixed it on the day (apparently an \'O Ring\' on the steering wheel - if any experts could confirm this sounds genuine). The airbag light comes on for a second on startup so I know the bulb isn\'t removed. Because of the good service I didn\'t push for petrol money.

Fingers crossed, all seems well.


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