'95 escort turbo diesel smoking - elrikos
hi guys.
i've got a 1995 ford escort 1.8 turbo diesel with a smoking problem. The car starts fine every time (it doesnt respond to throttle too well and will stall easily if you try to pull it away in the first 15 secs or so but after that it drives fine). the main problem is that then you stick your foot down it smokes loads. there is a proper smokescreen behind the car. the smoke is white in colour and starts at about 3000rpm. i have no idea about diesels(always had petrols before). was wondering if this could have something to do with the turbo and may just need adjusting or whether something big (and expensive) is wrong
any help greatly appreciated
'95 escort turbo diesel smoking - jc
Disconnect the connector to the EGR valve-just behind the near-side headlight-you've got an early one-later ones had a better calibration.
'95 escort turbo diesel smoking - No Do$h
Rumours that James Bond considered this as his next car are unfounded, however the smokescreen is standard fit on oval grill TDis.

White smoke indicates over-fuelling, so the EGR suggestion makes sense.
\'95 escort turbo diesel smoking - elrikos
Just to update you guys. I decided that I\'ve had the car far too long to have not taken anything under the bonnet apart. I took off the big black thingy behind the block (I\'m assuming its a charge cooler becasue it look like a radiator, its connected to the outlet of the turbo, before the inlet manifold). the outlet side (which is also connected to something which is connected to the EGR valve) was coated in a thick layer of black tar type stuff. cleaned all that off and put it back together. unplugged the EGR valve (the one with 4 or so rubber pipes coming off it, behind the nearside headlight). problem solved. no smoke and its like driving a different car, more power, quicker response. Job\'s a good \'un. Just wanted to put this up so if anyone else is having problems they know the solution. Cheers for the quick and informative help guys
p.s. Was the EGR valve causing the black stuff to be on the outlet of the charge cooler or is that just a symptom of a 110000 mile car?

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