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Hi, wondering if anyone can help/offer a bit of advice.

Put my car in for a full service 2 days ago. The car has never given me any issues. It is 6 years old but only done 30,000miles. 1.4 petrol engine. There were a few things recommended (brake pads, new tyres), nothing mentioned about battery/engine.

Took the car home that evening planning to get it back in this week for the above.

I was given the car with the engine running and took it home (200m away), however on the two occasions I have attempted to start/drive my car since the service the EPC light has come on post starting up then the engine has died out (first time while still stationary, second time as soon as I pulled out onto the road). On both occasions the car has started with no warning light on the next attempt.

I will take the car back to the garage today, but just wondering if this could be anything to do with the service/any idea what it could be otherwise? Surely a fault would have been picked up during the service?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

SEAT Ibiza SC - EPC light post service - elekie&a/c doctor
Perhaps something has come adrift.possibly an air pipe or a connection.?
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This from just answer:

the epc light is a separate light to the engine management light that is there to make you aware of a fault being registered in the electrical system on your car, this light most commonly comes on when there is a fault on the brake light switch, if the light is currently on get some one to check if the brake lights on your car are working, if not and the bulbs look OK then the switch is most likely to be at fault and require replacements, these switches cost around £10 - £15 and are easily fitted.

I would also suggest you test your battery. Not “uncommon” for dealers to have ignition and accessories on during the service discharging your battery for you.

If you have a multimeter (voltmeter) I show you how here:

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I agree. Definitely check that you don't have a blown brake light bulb. It's a fail safe mechanism in case of accident. The ECU cuts the fuel supply if it detects a fault in the braking system.

SEAT Ibiza SC - EPC light post service - Big John

My money is the the brake light switch being on it's way out. This will cause the EPC light to come on and cause problems. As previous poster has mentioned this is a failsafe mechnism that cuts fuel supply

Do the bake lights work OK?

Switch is cheap and easy to replace


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