Thermostat gone, where is it? peugeot306 - richiwatts
I think my thermostat is gone. My car has started to heat up within 5-10 minutes of driving. when i turn the car off I am getting a strange noise coming from under the bonnet. I have seen quite a lot of oil and water spilage where i usually park.

My main problem is that i don't know where the damn thing is. I have seen pictures of where it is on other cars but none of them look the same as mine.

Does anyone know of any links that show what is what under a 93 peugeot 306.

Or if someone could scan a pic from a haynes manual and e-mail it to me I would be grateful.

Many thanks
Thermostat gone, where is it? peugeot306 - roscopervis
As there were several engines put in the 306 you will have to be more specific as to what engine we are talking about.
Thermostat gone, where is it? peugeot306 - RichardW
Usually you can find the thermostat by following the top hose back from the rad to engine, and where it joins on will be the thermostat housing.

However, you say it heats up - do you mean overheats? What sort of funny noise? If you open the bonnet after you stop is the radiator hot or cold? The oil / water points to something a bit more serious than the thermostat - like the head gasket.....


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