Renault Megane - ignition coils - Heb
I have had two go in the space of three weeks. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I am told by a Renault dealership that this is a common fault but because it is not specific to a make/model, they have not issued a recall. I presume that this means that I have to continue to foot the bill myself. I would be interested to hear if anyone has suffered the same problem and what the outcome was.
Renault Megane - ignition coils - volvoman
How much do they cost ?
Renault Megane - ignition coils - Heb
Around £45 each plus labour apparently. The first one that I had replaced at my local garage in London cost a total of £182.12 including VAT.
Renault Megane - ignition coils - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
It is a very common problem. Renault modified them and new units have a grey top.

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
Renault Megane - ignition coils - mj
haven\'t the vw group got a major problem with ignition coils and are recalling all the effected vehicles in europe?
Renault Megane - ignition coils - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
HOW much ?!!! Cost for the coil is about right, but presented with an engine running on only two cylinders (which is what happens when one coil fails) it should take approximately 30 seconds to determine which coil it is that has failed, and perhaps 10 minutes to trudge to the stores for a new coil, pick up a coffee, return to the car and fit it(the coil, not the coffee !). OK, it is wise to check the plugs as they may have fouled, and also the emissions in case the Cat and/or Oxygen Sensor have suffered, but an hour is absolute maximum, so that is some labour rate !

I would start looking for another garage.

Regards, Adam
Renault Megane - ignition coils - Alan
Does it have to be a specific Renault part. I thought ignition coils were fairly standard. At least the two I fitted many
(15-20?) years ago were and they were only about £5 each as I remember.
Renault Megane - ignition coils - DavidHM
Ignition coils are specific to the engine as far as I can tell. Euro has them for £30 + VAT for this engine, so the Renault price is actually surprisingly cheap. Of course, they're making more than that back on the labour.
Renault Megane - ignition coils - Heb
Typical garage behaviour when presented with a female and a broken down car. I shant be using them again. Thanks for the advice!

Renault Megane - ignition coils - BobG
I had one fail with no notice and was advised by the RAC and a Renault dealer close to where breakdown happened that I should replace all 4 as another would only fail soon if I did not. When I got to the dealer they seemed to know of the problem and replaced all 4 Sagem coils with Denso coils within the hour! They had plenty of spares! I wonder why there has not been a recall on this . Mine were replaced under warranty so I did not see the price.


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