Aircon Overhaul in Essex - BrianW
The aircon system on my P reg. Pug 405 is down on performance.

As Spring/Summer approaches the dogs are going to complain.

Can anyone recommend an outfit in mid Essex to do an overhaul without ripping me off?
Aircon Overhaul in Essex - Armitage Shanks{P}
Hi. I am a bit hazy on geography. A search in on line Yellow pages produced many firms in Basildon, including mobiles who will come to your home or place of work. I can\'t cut and paste the link so go to and ask for car air conditioning for your nearest town.

Aircon Overhaul in Essex - frostbite
If by overhaul you mean straightforward re-gassing, then you might do better going to a refrigeration engineer.
Aircon Overhaul in Essex - joshua
If you have a Halfords Service Centre near you they can sort out your aic-con.These centres are now run by the AA so you should be ok.

Aircon Overhaul in Essex - BrianW
Halford sounds like a good starting point, there's one in Chelmsford.
Otherwise I'll try recommendations from the Peugeot agents or Yellow pages.

I tried the aircon last night but couldn't detect the compressor cutting in, so I think it's going to be more than a regass.

Thanks for the tips.
Aircon Overhaul in Essex - RichardW
There\'s a low pressure cut out on the system to stop the compressor engaging if the refrigerant pressure is low. However, if your gas has disappeared you have a leak - make sure you get it found and repaired before they regas it otherwise you will be wasting the best part of £100. Favourites for leaks are the condenser (in front of radiator so prone to stone damage) and the TX valve (inside the car somewhere). Neither, unfortunately, is cheap.....

Aircon Overhaul in Essex - Dave N
Just be aware that if it's quite low on gas, then it has a leak. Unless someone got in there and stole your refrigerant.

Please be careful with commercial refrigeration engineers, as not all use R134a, or have the correct adaptors, PAG oil, nor know the correct amount of refrigerant to put back in.
Aircon Overhaul in Essex - Soupytwist
For some reason I seem to think that there's an air con place on the Rivermead industrial estate in Chelmsford. I don't live far from there so I could swing by on the way home from work to have a look if you like.

Alternatively the only other place I can think of is in Takeley, which I pass on my secret route to Stansted which could be a bit out of the way.

Not that I'ver used either of them you understand.
Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.


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