Grinding Noise on Gear Change - JT
On my Escort 1.8TD (125k),when I go from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd,there is a screeching/grinding noise ONLY when I reach max revs for changing gear (not when I actually depress clutch to change gear).When in 4th, it subsides until I reach 60mph when it starts again. This is mystifying.Any views please.
Grinding Noise on Gear Change - Dave_TD
Worn gearbox, I would think. Probably the input shaft if it's doing it only above a certain level of engine revs. It will probably make the same noise in 5th at about 100mph, not that you'd hear over all the other din at that speed!
Doesn't the gearbox section in most Haynes manuals say that with wear and tear some gears are likely to become noisy, but that if they work and if you can put up with the noise they may go on for a long time without doing any harm?
Is it the MTX75 transmission(synchro on reverse)? I had a Mondeo TD with well over 300k miles, changing gear was like stirring porridge but the 'box never let me down.
Grinding Noise on Gear Change - JT
Hi Dave
Thanks for info. In 5th it does make some noise at 60+, but the point is that the gear changes are like velvet and the noise is not continuous at speed, but intermittent.
Dont know about transmission type as yet, but is it expensive to fix or shall I get rid of my L reg?
Grinding Noise on Gear Change - Gen
I think if the car is reliable otherwise and it doesn't bother you I'd keep it. Could last years like that I think. And 125000miles on an L reg Escort will make a low price even if no problems. At least that's what I'd do. Couldn't comment on replacement price though, but fancy it could be pricy (at least unless you can do the labour yourself)
Grinding Noise on Gear Change - Big John
Is the gearbox low on oil!!!


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