Focus 1.8 TDCI 53 Plate - Noisy ticking sound and sluggish - Wellsy66

The other day driving to work thought I could here a ticking noise for the engine. Turned down the rather high volume on my stereo and low and behold a rather noisy ticking sound. My first reaction was that the oil must be low so topped up a litre. This didn't solve the problem....

Driving back home that night I found that the engine was noisy especially at low speed. Once I hit the motorway if I accelertaed over 70mph there was a definate drag, not misfire from what I can tell bit more like fuel starvation.

The following morning on start up the engine will stall. If you turn over and keep the revs up at say 1500rpm or so for 10-15 seconds the car will no longer stall - cold start fuel starvation?

Looking at forums my gut reaction is fuel injectors but does this ring a bell with anyone, could it be something else?. I am getting rid of the car now anyway as I'm upto 200k miles with a cam belt change imminent and now possible injector issues, just aint worth it. But would like to move the car on but as running rather than non-runner. Feedback ogf any sort greatly appreciated

Focus 1.8 TDCI 53 Plate - Noisy ticking sound and sluggish - edlithgow

Don't know that engine, but as a generalisation I might suspect tappets/a tappet, or possibly valve timing.

Maybe you have a blocked hydraulic valve lifter, or your ageing timing belt has hopped a cog. What's your oil quality like?

Dunno how big your sump is but 1 litre on an ad-hoc top-up suggests to me you might have let it get a bit low.


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