Side and tail light problem - JonL

My off side Side and tail light have stopped working. The brake lights work fine. Also a few days ago the light warning noise was activated even though the lights were turned off. I have checked the bulbs and fuses and they seem OK, does anyone have any ideas? (Passat 97)

Side and tail light problem - Dave_TD
I was going to say it's just a fuse (on most cars the offside sidelights front and rear are on one circuit and the nearside sidelights front and rear are on another circuit) but then I saw it was a 97 Passat. Don't they have all kinds of strange control units on them?
I should still check the fuse, but someone who really knows ought to be along soon.
Side and tail light problem - bertj
It might be tied up with the use of parking lights on VW's. Indicate a right or left turn with the ignition switched off. Either the left or right front/back parking light should come on. You should also have a warning noise with the door open. I would agree with Dave Taxi Driver check the fuse (make sure you've got the correct one as the fuse box diagram is very confusing)
Side and tail light problem - AndyT
Fuses F7 and F8 appear to be those for the O/S and N/S side and tail lamps. Try swopping them over as one may have a hairline fracture which cannot be seen.
Side and tail light problem - Big John
If the fuses are proved OK (ie the fault doesnt change side when OS/NS fuse swapped as suggested previously) then its probably the light switch or indicator stalk. The main light switch seperately switches each side of the lights and dash lights(OS & NS) to enable the indicator stalk to individually switch on one side of the lights for parking.


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