How much for Mondeo at auction? - Blue {P}
Just a quick question on what BR regulars reckon this Mondeo is worth. I went looking at the auction in Washington with my aunt who is looking for a mid-range to family sized car for about £1,700 to £2000 tops.

It has to look smart as it will be used for her business and will be seen by clients, as well as been practical so a large boot and hatchback are a must.

We decided that the best cars at the auction were Mondeos, there were a couple of other contenders, but they weren't as good as the Mondeos.

We saw one in particular that looked like it might be in her price range, so just wanted a quick idea of what people think it's worth at auction.

It was a 1.8 LX P reg (new shape, not the original one) It indicated 55,000 miles, which for the purposes of valuing it we'll just assume is correct, I know it may not be but never mind. It was in a nice mettallic green. The interior looked OK, but the seats were a bit grubby, it would need a good valet. Also, one of the fog-light blanking plates was missing from the front bumper and it had no wheel trims. Other than that there was no noticeable body damage or rust.

So, hardly the most immaculate example, but it looked like it would scrub up OK cosmetically with just a new set of trims and a good clean and polish.

Assuming the car starts OK, and doesn't sound rough, what would this likely fetch at auction? I'm guessing it should be within her budget of less than £2K?
How much for Mondeo at auction? - Dave_TD
Blue - Just ran it through and it came up with:

A1 £2990
Good £2750
Fair £1240
Trade £2075

but OTTOMH I would have pitched the hammer price at between £1200-£1600 depending on all the usual auction variables.
How much for Mondeo at auction? - midlifecrisis
Valuation also depends on position in auction. Bought a 'W' reg Clio last week, right at the end of the auction, for £3200. An identical spec/milage one sold for £3700 right at the beginning.
How much for Mondeo at auction? - Vansboy
If you don't mind a few miles on it, you'll probably find a one owner 'Fleet Direct' S or T plate, if you can check out a couple of sales.
There are quite a few fleets extending their leases to 4 years, so more oppertunities for a cheap good car.
How much for Mondeo at auction? - Dave_TD

That comes under "all the usual auction variables"! ;-) ie How many other similar cars are there, how many traders, how many private punters, how good the auctioneer is, whether he's "trotting", what time of day, week, month or year it is, what the burger van has on special that day, whether you've got your lucky underpants on, etc etc etc
How much for Mondeo at auction? - Blue {P}
Well, from seeing it standing in the yard before getting cleaned up, I'd say it looked fairly tatty, but I'm sure that it will clean up very nicely (even the nearly new Lexus looked a little tatty in the yard)

So long as she has enough left from her budget to change the belts and give it a full service that should be fine.

Thanx for the advice people.


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