Scooter juddering -
I do know that this is mainly for car owners, but I was wondering if someone out there can shed some light on this problem.

Since about 7,000 miles, I have had constant juddering when opening the throttle from standstill. When the clutch was cleaned, the juddering went away but came back after 50 miles.

What could the likely causes be. Your comments will be much appreciated.

Many thanks indeed.
Scooter juddering - Dave_TD
Assuming you've got a centrifugal clutch, I would say it's probably been overheated at some point (I'm no expert on what the service life of these should be) and now it's warped or out of round. Probably wants one or both parts replacing.
Scooter juddering - thebouncingbunny
is this a twist and go thing?if so it could be that the rubber band thingy is stretched or worn.


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