4x4 article,just for for you,Mark (RBLS) - KB.
Was looking at an article (website noted below if you want to read the whole thing) written about the Nissan X Trail and it included a paragraph which I just had to include.


"The X-Trail is up against Land Rover's great compromise car, the horrid and woefully badly built Freelander. I'd rather have my liver torn out with a rusty hook than be seen in a Freelander, dead or alive. All of which makes the X-Trail a far better proposition"


4x4 article,just for for you,Mark (RBLS) - Mark (RLBS)
Strangely I feel instant empathy and regard for the author even if he is called Zog Ziegler.

4x4 article,just for for you,Mark (RBLS) - Morris Ox
Indeed, it displayed all the style, wit and originality of a true 18 year-old, being refreshingly free of cliched side-swipes and not at all the work of a spotty geek
4x4 article,just for for you,Mark (RBLS) - Mark (RLBS)

You've got a Freelander, haven't you. 8-)
4x4 article,just for for you,Mark (RBLS) - Morris Ox
Nearly but not quite, Mark.

In the course of my work have driven three Freelanders in my time, a 1.8, a Td4, and a V6 ES three-door, but never owned one. Every single one developed a fault (two were wiper failures, one was a water leak), so I concur completely with the comments about reliability; new Range Rover excepted, anything which comes out of Solihull makes me shiver.

But so does drippy, lazy, casually insulting journalism.
4x4 article,just for for you,Mark (RBLS) - Steve S

Love this bit

"There's a very small school of thought, led by yours truly, that insists that HR-V means Hormone Replacement Vehicle."

There do seem to be a sizable number of, errr, shall be say "older" people with these. I put it down to them going to the dealers with the intention of trading up their Accords or Civics and getting flogged one of these!

My uncle who was 75+, who had never knowingly driven over 45mph (a real menace to motorway traffic) invited me over to have a look at his new civic.

I went expecting to see a nice standard car, perhaps with leather and maybe a couple of toys.

Oh no. When I get there, outside is this gleaming V-tec, 16v GTI type thing with low profiles, spoilers the lot!

They certainly saw him coming.

Come to think of it - I never did get to give the "Italian tune-up" it must have needed after he'd had it a while!

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