Sharan Airbag Warning Light - chrisarkell
1996 Sharan. I was cleaning the car and accidently sprayed the cleaner down the steering wheel. Now the airbag light stays on. Any ideas?????
Sharan Airbag Warning Light - Dave_TD
What sort of cleaning fluid was it? If just water-based then I would run the car with the heater on full blast for a while, aircon (for dehumidifying purposes) as well if you have it. That should sort it out. Failing that, blast a hairdryer down the same gap!
If it\'s likely to have left some sort of sticky residue you could always try WD-40 to free up the contacts, always works on the inside of my indicator stalk switch.

Or, it could be a connector or switch under one of the front seats, these are the usual cause of rogue airbag light illuminations. It\'s quite possible if you were getting *that* keen on cleaning the car that you may have knelt on one of the seats with one knee (harder than the average posterior would press), causing the wiring to be twisted or stretched in a way it never has before.


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