New Beetle cabriolet - Craig_1969
Anyone know if vw are taking orders for the new soft top?
New Beetle cabriolet - Dave_TD
From :

"We are pleased to be able to announce that the first cars will arrive in the UK during May 2003 and customers may place advance orders with our Retail Network now."
New Beetle cabriolet - Wally Zebon
It's about time they had a cabriolet version out. If ever a car needed an open top version - this is it.

And maybe the new Mini as well.

New Beetle cabriolet - Dave_TD,5684,1369-1372_...l
New Beetle cabriolet - blank
Might as well be brutal now, rather than after you've bought one...They look like prams, no, really they do.

Buy an MX5 instead, or a used Boxter, S2000, etc, etc.
New Beetle cabriolet - Wally Zebon
My God they're quick!

I suggest a drop top Mini at 8:50am and shortly after 2pm they've got one up and running!!

I see BMW listened in as well. They're obviously going to take their time with it though. :7)

New Beetle cabriolet - Craig_1969
Well I wandered into a vw showroom and ordered a black 2ltr man a/c windbreak 6 disc cd cream leather. 19500 squids. They havnt had a big demand for them yet, and the first two they have ordered will be in the uk in June. I am hoping for delivery in Aug, but the dealer couldnt confirm either. It felt a bit like taking candy from a baby, no haggling or anything, just handed over the credit card and held my breath. Still with any luck we can flog it for a bit more than we paid if we find the pram factor too great.

I know its a bit pramlike but it offers 4 seats unlike most convertibles, its for the g/f and her mgf must be replaced by another softop but she needs the xtra seating.

Anyone want to buy a 42k r reg mgf?
New Beetle cabriolet - FergusTheDog
Saw one in VAG dealer in Geneva. Very pretty, makes the New Beetle make sense. WIll the UK ones be getting the indicators on the mirrors a la Mercedes?

But there again I hate VWs so I'll probably get shed loads of abuse for having an opinion on this one.
New Beetle cabriolet - Craig_1969
Yes Merc style indicators are de facto on the new cabriolet. Apparently Janice Long ordered the first one from Wayside in Milton Keynes, as if I care. The salesman seemed genuinely impressed with her a list credentials.

Still not sure if I did the right thing ordering the £395 cd player upgrade tho. MP3 will be king soon, right?
New Beetle cabriolet - bartycrouch
What's it like with the hood up? (This is the UK...) I'm not surprised that they are still quite easy to order, I'm sure current owners will trade up to a cabriolet as it always had ten times the cachet of the tin-top.

It will be interesting to see if the cabriolet is as compromised a car as the standard Beetle - visibilty is awful in the standard car.


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