"Hit and Run" - Malcolm
After having suffered a hit and run incident with an Asda supermarket trolley today I would welcome any views or experiences anyone may have on "Dentmaster" dent removal,I think they are now called "Wizard".I have 3 dents in the drivers door 2 above the rubbing strip and 1 below.The car is only 5 months old! and I am gutted after having bought this one because of a hit and run with the previous Honda Civic by a car causing £1000 damage to 2 doors!. Regards Malcolm.
Trolley Dolly - David Lacey
Paintless dent removal is great - it saves our sales dept many £'s on bodyshop work! Generally as long as the paint is not broken and the dent not too severe, the dent can be 'rubbed' out by these mobile dent guys with their odd looking sticks etc..
Costs around £25 per panel - our guy visits twice weekly and sorts out our forecourt cars and any customers cars - great.
MGF and new MG ZS - Guy Lacey
As a third party I can agree wholeheartedly!

Recently, the famed Mr Dave Lacey has allowed myself + hoodlums to "test-drive" the MGF Trophy 160 and the MG ZS. Not only may I say they are both fine cars - ZS particularly, but the resultant dents and dings were met with "Oh, that's OK" by Dave due to the quality of work done by Dentmaster and the like.

As Dave said - as long as the panel behind the paintwork is OK then the offending dent can easily be repaied. It's when the metal is creased or the pain cracked that these companies have trouble repairing such damage.
Re: MGF and new MG ZS - Malcolm
So they do not take the door trim off, then how is it done? do they realy produce an invisible repair or is that expecting too much.I gather from the replies so far hat it is ok but surely you can still see where the dent was?.I have been quoted £85 per panel by Dentmaster (now wizard). Thanks so far for the replies it has given me confidence to go ahead with it. Regards Malcolm.
Re: Trolley Dolly - Dai Watchalowski

We had a car in with a egg shaped dent in the bonnet. Repaired using this system and the resultant repair cost him about £500.00 less than the insurance quote. His wife, who has eyes like a sh*thouse rat, couldn't spot it when they
had the car back........... now if you knew her you'd realise how good a repair it was.
Re: Trolley Dolly - Andrew Wills

contact tel no, pse, for paintless dent removal expert ...
Re: Trolley Dolly - Dai Watchalowski
I agree, good value for money, I use and recommend the system often, saves customers monster panel repair bills and improves their feelgood factor, and in the long term reduces insurance claims.
Re: Trolley Dolly - Phil Goodacre
Yet another example of the damage covered by Autorenews' Cosmetic Repair policy. Look for it in Autoexpress etc.

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