Reduced speed limit. - mal
I recall reading in the press a while back of a case where the local highways authority had reduced the limit on a stretch of road from (I think)40 mph to 30mph. They did this simply by removing the 40mph signs, and as a result a motorist was caught several times by a speed camera in a short time facing certain disqualification.

Aparrently they were not obliged to inform the motoring public or display the new speed limit because under highway leglislation the distance between the lamp posts dictated it was 30mph without any signs.

Does anyone know what the outcome was in this case?
Reduced speed limit. - Flat in Fifth
mal I don't know if this was the same case but in a local example ...

Quite a few locals got a pull and notice of intended etc for exceeding a 30. Their excuse was that the road had always been a 40 and the council had just removed the 40 signs and repeaters. How were they to know... err duh!

After a lot of argy bargy, where they complained it was unfair the convictions were quashed on a technical loophole. [1]

However the points they all missed were:-

a) the limit had been changed for a whole year before they were nicked

b) the road passes two schools, numerous domestic properties, entrances, junctions, fair few pedestrians what have you.

Points a & b ensured no sympathy from me as clear evidence of the automatic pilot brigade finally being caught.

However apparently the "Government" accepted that in future such changes would be advertised by large "new speed limit changed signs or similar.

[1] The loophole, and I use that word quite deliberately, they escaped through IIRC was something to do with the signing being potentially confusing for a driver entering this road from one very minor road.

The fact that none of them had actually driven down this minor road in question was irrelevant. Signing was deemed illegal in terms of Traffics Signs and General Directions 2002 so the 30 limit was not enforceable.
Reduced speed limit. - Godfrey H {P}
Ah! FIF that explanes why a new 30 mph sign has been erected on road near where I live which was formally 40 mph but would be 30 mph by default when they took the 40 mph signs down.
Reduced speed limit. - HF
Yes, same here Godfrey, on the same stretch of road that I may or may not have been flashed at the other day.
Reduced speed limit. - Dave_TD

Oh, you mean by a camera HF??
Reduced speed limit. - HF
I wondered just after posting if anyone would pick up on that innocent remark - it didn't take long did it, DTD?!!!

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