Mk7 Golf 1.4 (122) TSI - Golf confusion - lucklesspedestrian

After much deliberation I'm inclined to see the Mk7 Golf 1.4 TSI (122) in SE Spec as our ideal next car (2-3 years old....belt cam I'm guessing?).

The only problem seems to be contradictory/confusing information re the performance of this engine. Some sites (i.e. all the Autotrader and some of the garage ads) list it as 0-60 in 11.0 seconds with a top speed of 108mph.

Other sites (inc HJ) list it as a far more acceptable 0-62 of 9.3 secs and a top whack of 126mph.

I know there's a 1.4 150bhp ACT unit which is out of my price range, but is there some other variation in the lower power 1.4 TSi engines (circa 2013/14) that I'm not aware of or have the various sites just made a mess of things?

Thanks in advance

ps: if anyone out there has a Golf of that approx spec/vintage I'd really appreciate your thoughts on the car
Mk7 Golf 1.4 (122) TSI - Golf confusion - Avant
A friend has a Golf SV with this engine and says it's very lively. You need to get a good long test drive in one and see if it suits you. More important than the 0-60 time is the engine's torque; this engine has a very good reputation for low-down pull and I would expect that you'll be quite happy with it. Go for a manual rather than a DSG.
Mk7 Golf 1.4 (122) TSI - Golf confusion - lucklesspedestrian
Thanks for the reply Avant.

Went back to test drive it today and bought it (yes, manual not DSG)

You're right, that 1.4 TSI is a cracking little engine, hope the real mpg matches the real mpg figures quoted on HJ's page (if that makes any sense!). If they do then I'll be a happy bunny!
Mk7 Golf 1.4 (122) TSI - Golf confusion - oapman
I have the recently uprated 1.4 TSI 125 and over the first 3000 miles it has averaged 52 mpg with about half distant and rest local journeys. On the longer trips it has registered 58mpg provided you keep to the speed limits and drive economically.
Mk7 Golf 1.4 (122) TSI - Golf confusion - lucklesspedestrian
Just driven the thing home. 20 miles motorway, 5 around town to call at the shops then 5 on single carriageway A road back home.

Averaging 48.4mpg two up, sticking to in or around the speed limits

Great for a petrol car with a 0-62 of 9.3s.

The only question now is whether I'll ever have the confidence to try the park assist function...where to find a couple of handy hay bales to practice??

Just ordered a 32GB SD card to use as the main storage device for my music ...amazing how technology has come on since the MK 4 Mondeo I had last where a 6 CD autochanger really was the bees knees.

I will miss the Mondy though, cracking car!

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