Why do... - Miller
...so many new car owners remove their wheel trims from the car straight after buying it? It automatically ages the car by five years in IMHO.

Are they scared they will fly off and cause damage to other cars or pedestrians? I cant think of any other reason (short of them being nicked!)

Im a loser baby....so why don't you kill me?!
Why do... - DavidHM
Fear of having the trims damaged. Better to put nasty ones on when they're kerbed, and then put the good ones on at resale time for a truly mint car...

Although the attitude smacks a bit of "If it ain't broke, break it," to me.
Why do... - Dan J
Is it the owners removing them?

It never ceases to amaze me the number of old Mondeos/Vectras etc etc etc with a set of brand new "current" wheel trims.

Why do... - Dynamic Dave
...so many new car owners remove their wheel trims from the
car straight after buying it?

Maybe they prefer the "Mad Max" look?

Seriously though, I agree with Dan J. Is it the actual owners, or some toerag.
Why do... - chris2003
I've noticed that some companies take them off the car fleet to avoid them being managled by kerbs (or stolen).

I know that the company I work for doesn't remove them and usually ends up replacing them when the cars returned.
Why do... - mal
I have not noticed many cars in my area without them, so possibly there are not so many being stolen or removed for whatever reason. *Or* next time I take to the roads I will be looking out for cars minus their wheel trims and I will see hundreds.The latter being the more likely I suppose now that my attention has been drawn to it!!.

BTW. Honda wheel trims can not be lost or stolen easily as they are held on by the wheel nuts, a fact I pointed out to one owner who had secured the trims on his brand new Civic with cable ties.
Why do... - No Do$h
Yeah, I only found this out on my old civic when I had a puncture and nearly broke my hand trying to prise the trims off. That will teach me to RTFM......
Why do... - Pugugly {P}
First thing I did when the Cav arrived was rip off the OE wheel trims (all date stamped 4/94 - fitted in with other plastic bits on the car). The reason I did this was to make life easier for any user who either had a puncture or had a tyre slashed when the car was in the rougher parts of town where it earns it keep.
From an aesthetic point of view I always thought that a Cav on Tommies looked better without the trims, something about the way the black painted wheels seem to lower the stance of the car.

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