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Am I the only person who is annoyed that so many of the above events now require advance payment ? I understand that there will probably be many obvious administrative advantages for the organisers, but the major issue for me against pre booking is that ever more frequently nowadays when tickets are sold weeks or months beforehand, come the day in question it will likely be chucking it down with rain, and who wants to drive a classic car in the rain to what is probably a rain soaked muddy field ?

When these type of events cost forty or fifty quid whatever per head that's a lot of money to have to write off because it is raining !
Motoring festivals, galas etc - RT

Equally, the organisers costs are a lot to bear if no-one comes because it's raining!

A number of events have got so big they don't sell tickets on the day.

Motoring festivals, galas etc - Wackyracer

I have not been to one for years but, in my youth I used to get free admission to the Bromley pageant by getting a free pass in advance. A friend went to it this year and said it was much smaller than it used to be.

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You can just turn up to Wings and Wheels at Wellesbourne airfield this coming Sunday. It costs a whole £5.

I've piad in advance, and upgraded to VIP tickets for a further £5.

Motoring festivals, galas etc - NARU

Forgot to say, under 14s are free.


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