Road Tax Ad Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Chas{P}
Surely CCBB would be pre '72 tax exempt??

Just a thought, but I think the advert gets the message over to, dare I say it, thirty plus people in a jovial manner.

Road Tax Ad Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Dan J
An interesting advert - amusing too.

In fact all cars, regardless of age, must display a tax disc if parked or being driven on a public highway. The only difference is that you get the tax disc from the Post Office free after the normal MOT and insurance paperwork changes hands.

Was very amusing when this ruling first came out - The rather strict looking "matron" behind the PO counter did NOT want to either give my dad a tax disc for nothing nor believe him that he didn't have to pay anything!

As an aside, I thought it was a nice idea for the classic car fraternity - Never quite sure why they stopped it (it was originally supposed to be applicable to all cars over 25 years old but was stopped in 97 hence the 72 milestone). It was said it would encourage people to drive older and more polluting cars. Why I don't know, it's hardly like there are enough to go around!

Would love to see someone keep my Vectra going til it's 25 years old....

Dan J
Road Tax Ad Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - John S

Dan J is right - these cars still must carry a valid tax disc. Their registration class is changed to 'Historic vehicle', the rate of duty for which is zero.

The exception applies to vehicles manufactured (not registered) before 1/1/73. Therefore some early '73 registrations are actually eligible for zero tax rate, as they were made in 1972. Worth a check if you've got a '73 car.

Why was it changed from a rolling 25 year exemption to a fixed date? Couldn't be money could it?


John S
Road Tax Ad Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - RB
Yes, a funny advert then I thought "heck, it must have cost a lot to film it and get permission to use the tune etc."

Re the changing of the 25 year rule to only pre 73 manufacture. This was one of the first of many actions by Dear Prudence to get at those horrible nasty types who dare to enjoy themselves with a classic (or indeed any) car. In the traditions of the Old version of his party, he probably thought that they would more than likely be Tories, so he must attack!

Road Tax Ad Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Dynamic Dave
Road Tax Ad Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Dave,

I am sure this has been discussed before, but I can't find it, even in your link !

CCBB, as featured in film and advert, is, of course a relatively modern vehicle, having been created by Alan Mann Racing specifically for the film, and based on Transit running gear. So, the question is, when was the film made ? If pre-'72, or if the vehicles (they built several) used were first registered pre'72 then they are tax exempt, but must indeed display valid "exempt" discs. If the donor vehicles were later they pay duty.

The real CCBB (actually there were 3)was a special built for racing by Count Louis Zborowski in the 1920's.

Regards, Adam
Road Tax Ad Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - JamesH
They were made in the late sixties so just exempt:


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