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Interior Car Cleaning - Silicone Spray? - Warning

When I visit used car showrooms, many have had the interiors cleaned with a shiny car polish - why I presume is silicone spray?.

Why do car dealers use this rubbish?.

The cleaning makes the dashboard look shiny, but they are changing the original look especially, if hte plastic used by the manufacturer was a matt finish, but they have turned it into a gloss finish.

I also hate it because it is horrible, slippy to touch.

Why do they use it? Suerly there must be others who hate it too?

What are the alternatives?

Interior Car Cleaning - Silicone Spray? - dadbif
A damp cloth works well for the top of the dash
Interior Car Cleaning - Silicone Spray? - Dogfuzz

First stage-clean dash surface with a warm well rinsed out shammy leather . Pivotal to leave to dry.

Second stage-spray a moderate amount of aerosol multi-surface cleaner(Pledge?)onto a large piece of k****** paper, then apply all over dash. Leave to dry--do not be tempted to rub off until.

Third stage-Polish off surface cleaner with a duster to reveal a nice hazey finish and nice clean surface.

Note that most household surface cleaners are only a third of the cost of anything bought at a motorist's shop

Interior Car Cleaning - Silicone Spray? - Wackyracer

I don't like shiney dashes either, dash dandy is used by alot of car valeters and is just a silicone spray. I agree with double UG, a damp cloth is fine on a plastic dash.

Interior Car Cleaning - Silicone Spray? - mss1tw
What are the alternatives?

In my garage value own brand baby wipes get used for everything from this to keeping the motorbike rims spotless and I even use them to clean my hands!

Interior Car Cleaning - Silicone Spray? - brum

OCD anyone? ;)


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